Well they didnt such as much as much as normal...lol

I was a big fan of bringing Jason Maas here but what has happened to him? There has to be some type of injury. He can't hide behind excuses this week. Everyone seemed to play well except for him.

Wrong reads.
Bad decisions.
and worse of all.......He doesnt have the Arm strenght to match his recieving core!!!

If he is healthy then he just is not suited to be a starter in this league.

He under threw Morreale.

Otherwise routes by recievers were "maybe" different than Jason thought they should be...?

Darren Flutie seemed to think the latter at least twice.
I gave my tics away to young folks ,one of whom's main concern was "did you see my sign on TV at half time??" "huh did ya?" ...ahhh youth!

A BIG positive is Boreham kicked two good field goals!!!!!!one 42 yarder!!! :thup: