Positive Tiger-Cat News Thread

You would think it was armageddon around here or something.

We need a thread that gives us some hope. New signings, players returning from injury, etc.

All right let's go. :grinning:

***crickets chirping


Hamilton is guaranteed not to lose week #3💐


We have two great coaches in Stein and Rhein.

This morning, the wife cleaned out the Ford and found a TiCat thermos cup I thought I had lost forever.

Mikey's back ?


CFL's longest active home winning streak. Saw today that our last loss at home was in 2018. Guaranteed to extend at least to Labour Day Weekend.


Ticat thermos cup? I thought he would have found the “funny little hat” that Kavis Reed wore?

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Try telling that to people too young to remember and they won’t believe you.

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They figured it out… finally. All they had to do was fix their offensive line. Now Hamilton is set to return to the cup and face Winnipeg in the rematch. It was soooo simple.

We scored 2 more points in the second game then the first . Yup , we went from 6 to 8 total points . Now that is progress :roll_eyes: and with any luck we might hit double digits in our next game and might , just might put 10 points on the board against those Alouettes . For those that have forgotten that is a TD and a FG in one entire game :roll_eyes:

All we need is for our defence to shutout the Als. Then we can win 10-0. :stuck_out_tongue:

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On a positive note, we can lose every game out west and still win the east. Better to have problems outside the division than within.

Can't wait to get back to THF!

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The Jags released TimTebow . If the Cats pick him up , we could then trade him to the Als for Matt (who gives a ) Shiltz.
But seriously , we have 12 guys on the injury list . Wynn , Adeleke , Addison , Brooks, and Posey are starters . We started on the road with the two best teams in the west as opponents . Our remaining schedule has Argos 4 times , Als twice , Ottawa twice, and the Stamps , Elk , Sask, and BC once each .
The only western trip left is at the Elk Oct. 29 . So the remaining schedule looks "doable". I still like our chances .

Pat Lynch (older than store bought dirt)

I keep forgetting about Posey. He has a presence.

I suspect he is the longest-serving current member of the Tiger-Cats who has never suited up for the team.

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Odell Willis is now available.

We could sure use an upgrade on DE.

Yay or Nay?

I say no. Willis is a character and a few years back I might have said he’d be worth a look. If they want to bring in a DE maybe look at Cris Casher who BC released at the end of camp.

Someone mentioned Naaman Roosevelt too for the receiving corps. If Tucker is out longer term they may think of bringing in a vet like this, maybe even a Kenny Stafford as a stop gap until Addison/Posey come back.

Where we could really use someone is on the oline but not too many Canadian vets out there. As for import tackle, you’d be looking at Derek Dennis as probably the best guy not currently employed. Personally I’d like to see them give more of a chance to the current guys on the roster. They will probably need to let one or more of Tate, Yarborough, or Jordan Murray play and settle in at the tackle spots.

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I think the ticats should seriously look into signing a big import cfl veteran OT like Thaddeus Coleman or Derek Dennis for obvious reasons .

Tall veteran Receiver Roosevelt should be a no brainer as well especially after Addison had surgery.

I would take a look at veteran DE’ s Willis or Lemon to potentially increase the pass rush and adding experience splitting time with Howsare

I would probably call up Filer and Breaux and see what they are up to. I would even ask Luke Tasker where his mind is at.

Moving Ciraco to center left a big hole at guard that Gibbon isn’t ready to fill.

It would be nice to see a healthy Laurent. Back starting allowing us to dress an import back like Don Jackson. I hope Wynn, Adeleke, Frey, Tucker, Van Zeyl , Brooks and Mauldin will be healthy for the Montreal game .

One thing that appears certain us that I think I over estimated the value of having 2 starting QB’s

Right now , Collaros, Adams JR, Reilly, Bo Levi, Harris and FaJardo all look like better QB’s then what we have.

I think in the CFL , the moat important position is the QB and so far Masoli has made some really bad passes even when he has had time. The interception to Jefferson was critical and a lame duck pass to Banks forced BAnks to fumble and Masoli made at least 2 very bad passes to STE. One was a terrible attempt af a screen pass and the other was a bad pass put of the backfield.

I know he had no pre season and is missing Addison buff Collaros was missing Andrew Harris and top receiver Adams and he loomed great and made very few mistakes.

Fajardo was without his top receiver Shaq Evans for a big chunk of the game was missing a starting Offensive Tackle and still played great and used his feet to gain Lot if yards and first downs.

I doubt Willis has much left in the tank. Plus, he was one of the dudes behind that “Swaggervillle” crap. :roll_eyes:

And for that reason, “I’m out!”