Positive thread

There is too much negative stuff on this board, I thought I would start a positive only thread.

The team has shown signs of improvement every game this year, it is only a matter of time before we start winning.

Some positives among the players:

Saunders - gets open and catches the ball, what more can you want?

Jones, as the token Canadian receiver, has been great

Leonard - the DB position in the CFL is the most difficult for an import player to learn, Leonard gets better every game

Coleman is a beast in the middle of the D-line, having Capiccioti to sub for Tracy, lets us play an import alongside Ted Laurent, the combination is awesome

Schuerman - finally we have a running game

Are you POSITIVE Leonard got better last game? That was a weak PI penalty he took. :wink:

Leonard has been a positive in a very weak secondary...he has a nose for the ball...and every d back gets burned for a pi every once in a while...its the nature of the beast

Yep. It’s very possible this team could get good very quickly.

I just finished watching the game on my PVR, and to be honest, the Cats looked much better on TV than they did live. I still don't see how Van was awarded a first down on that second and short in the final drive. Didn't make the line of scrimmage in my opinion, and if that wasn't an illegal block on the actual TD play by #80, then I guess I am not sure what does constitute an illegal block. However, water under the bridge.

On defence: I agree about Leonard - a nose for the ball, always around the carrier/receiver. I love Hill's intensity, although I am even more convinced that his UR penalty on the Eskie second quarter drive was not only deserved, it was probably responsible for sustaining that drive and resulted in the TD rather than a FG. In the end, those four points were huge. Laurent and Dean are rounding into shape and Colman is a find. Another guy with a nose for the ball. Still, some weird things going on though. Lawrence dropping into coverage? Nothing from Chick or Stevens? Unsuccessful 3 man pressure, so why keep using it? No blitzes on second and 20+s? Can't blame the players, I suppose. See good things possible with a bit of tweaking and consistency.

On offence: Jones and Collins are improving as they are used more, and Schuerman is a keeper. Saunders is a burner, and plays with intensity. Tasker has to improve his routes, especially on 2nd down. He could be our go-to guy, but he has to start looking for the first down marker. He always seems to make his cuts 2 yards short, and 3 yards when you need 5 is useless. The run game is improving, making the O-line protection better. Better O-line protection also opens up more options and lets Zach air it out a bit, not to mention keeping him upright and intact. Zach is starting to show a bit of improvement as well, but his timing and accuracy are still suspect. Too many over, under and wide throws, and holding on too long. But looked better in the Edmonton game, against a top line defence. Play selection is still wonky, but improving. More balanced play selection to open, but as the game progresses, skews to Kent's pass only mentality. Still, BC and Edmonton are elite teams and we showed reasonably well in both.

Special teams: A bright light, other than blocking assignments, penalities and, I hate to say it, Speedy B. Maybe it is all part and parcel. Castillo has shone to date, hopefully not just weather related, as have kick blocking, downfield tackling, bottling up returners, with very few no-yard penalties. Receiving, not so good. Speedy B is off his game, blocking schemes are shaky and way too many illegal block and holding calls. Saunders looks steady on his returns, can maybe deflect some of the keying on Speedy B?

So I have to say that over-all, I am feeling better about the team, but realistically, Alberta could be a killer. Stamps a cut above us at this point, and Edmonton at home will be a tougher game. Also, Reilly gave the impression that he knew the game score and time of the game, and knew when he had to disconnect cruise control and step on the gas. Pretty well scored whenever he needed to? As a kicker, both Alberta start at 9:30 Eastern, meaning a midnight finish, always a tough day for the Eastern teams.

Hill's penalty was entirely and totally UR.

But that said, from his angle he may not have seen that the runner was down by contact. Even I questioned it for a second because he got up and started running as though he had just fallen down on his own

IIRC, there was no whistle on the play until Hill hit the guy.

thanks agree

Erased my recording, so can't go back and check, but I saw the receiver flat on the ground, Leonard beside him and the official on the other side. Can't imagine how Hill would have missed it? Receiver popped up and Hill ran him over, or pushed him or whatever. Definitely a 'steamboat' or two in there. Judging by Leonard's reaction, he grasped the implication of the contact. As I say, I love Hill's intensity, but with his history, he will have to be careful he does not become a marked man for officiating crews.

Off on another tangent, speaking of marked men, I missed the shove of the official by the Eskie Peters (?), #34 (?), or 36 (?) until they replayed it at the half. Did not look violent or malecious, but a definite shove on the shoulder. I guess the official wasn't overly concerned as he only called unsportsmanlike conduct. Dunnigan and Stegall were amazed that he wasn't ejected. Have to agree, although the grap of the sweater by Hill in the BC game did look a lot more menacing. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?

I forgot to mention Castillo in my earlier post. He's the best punter we have had in years, he was booming them 55 yards with long hang time last game.

The punt that put Edmonton back on their 2 yard line, and led to a two point convert was spectacular.

Yep. I wonder if the naysayers will eat crow when the team catches fire?

No, the naysayers won't be needing those eating utensils anytime soon for crow dinner. 8)

Also this team is already on fire and is burning to the ground. Maybe the team can then have a Fire Sale. :stuck_out_tongue: