Positive Thread with Positve comments

Well the Cats played a GREAT game Friday night under the lights. Thanks Ti-Cats for a great entertaining and exciting game!
Lets this thread only be about positve comments, as im really getting tired waking up EACH morning to someone cutting up something or someone!
Ill be First::
All the boys on the Team have my support 110%. They had a great game Friday and this will continue into Montreal Thrusday night! Im flying out Wensday Morning to Montreal to see the Black and Gold take it to the Alouettes!
Oskee Wee Wee
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Holy Macinaw
Eatem Raw!!! :thup: :rockin: :thup:

Offence looked great: ball control, spread the passes around, two backs, and Glenn's laser accuracy with good Oline protection. Linebackers had a good game. Cheerleaders' outfits are sharp this year. Weather was beautiful. We won!

I certainly enjoyed the game, especially Bob brimming with confidence when he was discussing the game in play and the stadium issue with TSN. The only way someone could be that happy is knowing sucess is in the offing, something big is about to be announced. Good news comes in three's. Kudos to the players, well done.

I always look to see what kind of a push the D-line is getting at the start of the game.

It was great. They didn't sack Buck Pierce right away but he couldn't get rolling.

Offensively, the Tiger Cats got the jump on them. 14 straight pass completions.

I think it was 3 long drives. 2 scores and a missed field goal.

What a way to take control of the game.

I don't ever remember seeing a game in which

we controlled the game like we did on Friday night.

I do not understand this thread. What is this positive thing that it talks about? :smiley:

Did I hear that Thigpen is close to a CFL record? Never been done before by one player - a TD on a punt return, A TD on a kickoff return, a TD on a wide field goal and a TD on a pass. He just needs a running TD to set a record.
I should imagine if he gets it then he's a shoe-in for Rookie of the year.
Do you think that the Rider are ticked that they cut him?

There is always one clown and you got the award this time! LOL

Canadians are known as a negative people - remember the joke about the Brit, the American and the Canadian(yes I heard this on the radio) They get on an elevator and the Brit says to the American it's a beautiful day today and the American says "yes it is" and the Canadian standing at the back of the elevator says "yes but its supposed to rain on the weekend"

An unmentioned positive is the performance of Justin Palardy. I'm sure I wasn't alone in having great concerns heading into this season with the rookie punter. So far, he has the 3rd best average of the 8 regular CFL punters and his 79-yarder is the longest punt by anyone this season. Also, his average and that longest punt, both top Nick Setta's 2009 stats.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Punting/year/2010]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... /year/2010[/url]

We won :thup:

Great game... watched it for the third time today and can't get over how good they were. Glenn was outstanding as was all the receivers with special kudos to Stala, Bruce and Mann. Thigpen and Cobb in the backfield is certainly the right decision and will pay off big time in the future. Defensively we were a combination of good and lucky, but those two things often go hand in hand and one usually results in the other.... Game plan was strong ...
I think Thursday could be a very entertaining game... :rockin:

They looked like.....dare I say it.....the Als in their prime!!! It was a totally dominating performance by everyone (except Setta). There wasn't a moment that I felt like this would be any kind of contest.

It was a great game.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think you mean DeAngelis. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only took 12 comments before someone HAD to throw a negative in there although the first part was positve! LOL!
Dosent surprise me the least!

But then again He's an Argo Fans explains EVERYTHING to me now!

Saw this thread title last night and I KNEW it couldn't last lol. Positive threads around here are like the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. They don't exist.

I was thrilled with the way we played. Our tackling was much better overall. Glenn played an outstanding game. The most positive part of it was getting to mock the obnoxious Bomber fans sitting by us. They started giving us a hard time at the start of the game. I'm sure you can guess how it was by the end of the game lol. Honestly, they were a lot of fun and pretty good sports about the whole thing. It was the most fun I've had in ages.

Must be flattering for Thiggy that the other team was afraid to kick to him.

Interesting stat: we've had four 2-TD performances in the first three games. I'd like to keep that streak going. Next up ... Arland Bruce?

It's Arland's time. Actually, the more we spread it around the more other teams are going to forget about Mr. Bruce. I think Montreal has a lot to think about for Thursday.

We finally took advantage of a bad team. Thursday's game will be a better barometer of what we can expect of this year's team. can't wait

AKT you are exactly right. No sense in getting too excited. Thursday's game will be telling. I don't expect a win, but I won't be surprised by one. Montreal in their home opener is a tough one to win. On the other hand, they have not been the dominant force that they've been in past years.... Could be a good one.