Positive Things about Last-nights games against the Bombers

DBs actively trying to make knockdowns and interceptions. Yes, they failed a couple of times, resulting in one TD (which Winnipeg probably would have gotten on the next play or two even if Hinds had gone for the tackle instead). When was the last time we saw our DBs be this aggressive?

Nothing but a BIG W matters with Bob Young's 10 year plan! There is nothing positive about this lOSS;)

Now that I have calmed down as well, first thing I can think of is damn we ONLY lost by 7 points when we had 6 turnovers and they had none. Normally if a team has 6 turnovers to none they dominate the game and it shows on the scoreboard. To say the least we lost this game and winnipeg did not win it. We clean up those turnovers the game is a blowout the other way. We have the potential especially on offence, and this is with no grant and fantuz and no walker in the second half. Our defence is what concerns me and our special team coverage can imrpove. Tisdale has not impressed me yet this year, and it seems like no matter what Creehan throws at opposing teams we still cant get pressure, time for new schemes or new players? Either way, if our D can catch a cpl of those dropped picks again it turns the game around. We'll be alright, but our D needs to learn to stop a team in the clutch in the fourth when we need a stop, thats three games now BC CAL and WPG games they bend and break on last drives when we need them. If we can win next week in Montreal, it wills et up a gigantic back to back. Oskee wee wee.

PS any word on Hickman?

If someone offered us a guarantee that Chris Williams would get 3 TDs and lose 1 fumble in each game for the rest of the season, I would accept that offer.

Another positive: the Winnipeg game proved once and for all that the QB rating is a useless stat.

Burris' rating last night: 17/25, 368 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs = 137.5

A phenomenal rating. He must have played awesome, right? Right, guys who quote stats all the time to support their arguments?

Wait ... here's what's not counted in the QB rating. Fumbles. Sacks (and avoidance of same). Support from your O-line. QB rushing yards, rushing TDs. Number of dropped passes. Playing well under pressure. Carrying the team on your shoulders when necessary. Leading your team for a TD drive when they absolutely need it. etc.

Solution: you need to watch the games, and take all factors into account, including the intangibles -- not just come on here and quote stats.

Note: This is not a knock on Burris. It wasn't his finest hour, but I'm still a fan.

This post, however, can definitely be construed as a knock against Kevin "Plays Just Well Enough to Keep his Job" Glenn, and all the people who come on the board after another playoff loss and tell us why he actually played great because, hey, look at his completion percentage in the game.

[/end of rant]

If Kevin Glenn put in the performance Burris did yesterday, you bet there would be a thread calling for his job. He threw for over 400 yards and rallied the team back in the 2009 playoffs against BC and people still blamed him for the loss. Looking beyond the stats (or in Glenn's case, wins) has never been a strong suit of the Glenn bashers.

Now, while I don't ever judge a QB's performance on wins, you Glenn bashers always brought up that Glenn was a ".500 QB." Well I don't give a crap what Burris did while he was in Calgary, so far as the QB of the Tiger-Cats, he's helped lead the team to the exact same number of wins that your favourite whipping boy did after seven games the last two years. Seems like a real big improvement over the last three seasons. :roll:

And here we are, watching another 3-4 team after seven games. We'll see where this team is at the end of the season, but if this squad, lead by the superior Burris and the genius Cortez, find themselves at 9-9 or worse, I'll once again question just why the decision was made to fired Bellefeuille and trade Glenn. Perhaps that extra 100K or so the team is paying Burris could have gone towards some decent d-linemen. Of course, that would mean not placing all the blame they for the problems this team had since 2009 on one player. But I'm sure the Burris apologists will come on here talking about how he threw for 35 TDs and 5,000 yards, all the while not realizing that they look like complete hypocrites. Seeing what people say in November will be quite eye opening, I'm sure.