Positive Things about Last-nights games against the Bombers

Positive things things about last nights game, Henry threw for 368 yards, Chris Williams had 2 Touchdown catch for 160yds plus he had another 146yds in punt returns which he had another Touchdown.
Jamel Johnson and Armando Murillo both had 8 tackles!
Most of all the positive things to come Montreal will loose tonight against Edmonton and Saturday the Argo's will loose against Calgary, this the Ti-Cats will be ONCE again in 1st place in the East!
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

That Rey Williams sack was a beauty!! The Peach one wasn't bad either.

I was impressed with Bruce Davis nice knockdown and he stuffed Simpson. That was fun to watch.

A few nice defensive knockdowns and almost interceptions. I'm not worried.

Positive points: Bruce Davis looks very promising, I hope his ribs are alright. Stepenson looks good hope he can keep it up. That pretty well sums up the positive. Yeah williams got two but he also fumbled AGAIN a long gainer. Understanding crap happens but lately it has been happening a lot to him.

He scored 18 of our 25 points and you don't think that is positive? Yes he fumbled, but we have FIVE other turnovers that just killed us.

Darcy's catch up the middle. Finally. The coaches finally send him on a real pass route. He seemed pretty comfortable doing it too. I'd like to see him take one a bit deeper.

Saw good things from some new players - Murillo, Davis, Stephenson (not new, but new as a RB?). Still impressed with Bucknor.

And of course Chris Williams. (5 catches for 160 yards, 146 return yards, 3 TDs) The guy is absolutely amazing. I really, really hope that he decides before the end of next year that he really likes playing receiver, and that the extra money he'd make in the NFL as a return specialist isn't worth giving that up.

Yeah never realized he had three TDS but holding onto to the ball is his job! Great watching him but he still holds the football too loose for me. maybe that's why him and Burris are a good match up they have the same problem holding onto the ball.

Getting TDS is his job and I am truly grateful for his talent but at the same time you have to own up to your mistakes as well and Chris has made a few in the last three games which started with the infamous back pedal. He will pay for that dearly next week in Montreal. I want him to focus as a football player not as a ham bone!

I agree, holding on to the ball is his job AND Burris' job. It was a nightmare last night with all the turnovers. That has to change. I'm sure nobody feels worse about it than they do.

As for his "back pedaling" have you never made a bad decision in your life? If you haven't you are lucky because I have made many. He did man up and he apologized and turned it into a positive by creating play to the whistle. I don't know how much more people expect. He did something very dumb. He realized it. He owned up to it and he promised it will never happen again and it hasn't. I am getting sick and tired of hearing about it already. Give the guy a break. When I make a mistake at work I am glad that I don't have to hear about it forever. :roll:

This Ticats team is explosive on offence and we didn’t have Fantuz, Grant, and Walker didn’t play the 2nd half. The fumbles are fixable.

Our Defence played better and Bruce Davis looks good.

Bartel is kicking the snot out of the ball.

Every time the offence has the ball I get excited, anything can happen. We are never out of it !

6 turnovers overs and we still almost won the game, I can’t remember any other team being in the game with that many turnovers .

Ticats lost this game, Winnipeg didn't win it.

just Get Healthy and Stay Healthy guys!! No more injuries.

Speaking as an Als fan, we've moved on from the backpeddle. He did it, it wasn't classy, but he realized his mistake and apologized to Trestman directly. Case closed IMO.

There is nothing positive about losing a divional game and to a 1-5 team at that. This team is the same old mediocre crap we have experienced for 30 years. I am so tired of getting my hopes up every year only to be dissapointed. Other teams can play a full 60 minutes but for some reason this team cannot no matter how much talent we have. These guys are taught from childhood to secure the ball. 6 fumbles, not acceptable. We are the laughing stock of the CFL and the coach is a moron for not playing Avon and making bad calls like the 3rd and 1 late in the game.

And you cant read, whats the title say, POSITIVE, not NEGATIVE.
There are plenty of bandwagon and negative threads already, go chirp on one of them!
GO CATS GO!!! :thup:

Fair enough but try to avoid personal attacks. I can read fine thanks, I wish you could read my lips right now…

No team plays a full 60 minutes every game. No team this year is undefeated. Every team has taken turns looking ordinary and performing below expectations. The Cats have three wins this year, which suggests that on three separate occasions, at least, they played well enough to win, and that's really the only thing worth considering.

Winnipeg's other win came against the 4-2 Eskimos, so why is it shameful to lose to them, especially on the road? A 1-5 record isn't a rigid caste indicator of quality.

The positive for me from last night's game is: this offense is the most explosive I've seen in Hamilton in forever.

  1. It's over. (Had to say that!)
  2. Darcy Brown getting used.
  3. An actual defensive scheme.
  4. Agree. The play of Davis.

Correct but my point was look at our history of taking control of a game especially when it means first place and a firm hold on the divison. But thats all for me as I dont belong in this thread my rose coloured glasses are broken

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Here is what's positive:

  1. Burris can throw really far.
  2. Williams can run really fast.

We are headed to the Grey Cup for sure.

If you consider that a personal attack them im sorry, but there was enough NEGATIVE threads already going on, thats why I named this one "Positive Things about Last-nights games against the Bombers" and there was nothing positive about your post!
I call it like I see it!

Agree with those who thought Bruce Davis was looking good before he got injured. Here’s hoping he can be back in the lineup soon.