Positive Promo Pieces


Way to go!
Keep on doing positive pieces on players and league - great job this year so far!
TSN has elevated the professionalism of the league's broadcasts and has generated enthusiasm, interest and promoted its entertainment value.

Don't make the mistake that was made for years when CBC host, Brian Smith was one of the lead interviewers and hosts; there was nothing worse than being forced to watch Mr. Smith's relentless pursuit of heated and negative topics, at times confronting old commissioners on financial issues and bankruptcy all ON LIVE TV (WOW) that will keep the viewers believing in the product! ! ! ! ...

Keep things positive - we want to be entertained and enjoy ourselves - We don't need to know every last little bit of a renewal contract process or lease agreement of any given team and their municipality - REALLY? No thanks!
Promote the game! Show us football!
Paul Lapolice is amazing - truly teaching us viewers the game! That's awesome programming! All of the TSN staff do a great job!


Well said, Buckley! :thup:

Great post Buckley!!