Positive press?!?

Just after looking at what that jerk wrote in the Ottawa Sun … I got to thinking: Why is it SO hard to come by positive press on the CFL?

The NFL is placed on a freakin’ pedestal, and the CFL is reduced to whipping boy!

What’s so bad about the CFL? Any “ownership fiascos” or “bush league” traits are JUST as apparent in other leagues, but they never hear a negative word about it. When something happens in the NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB, it’s just a regular event, no big deal, they’ll get through it. When the same thing happens in the CFL, it’s an example of how the league is run poorly, it will never survive, this is why it’s a second-rate league, etc … (none of these do I personally believe, btw!)

There’s an ownership issue? Heaven forfend! Name ONE league that hasn’t happend in. Some teams ignore the salary cap and try to buy a championship? Um, can anyone say New York Yankees? A team may fold or relocate? That’s happened in every league. A city may lose a team for a second time? Well, how many times has LA had an NFL team? A huge, quick, mid-90’s expansion was a mistake. What do you think the NHL has to say for itself currently?

This drives me nuts. The only north american sports league to not suffer a work stoppage in the past 20 years has been the CFL!! The NHL has been shooting itself in the foot ever since Bettman got on board, but still … according to the media, it’s a much better league!

How does this make sense?

WHY does the CFL not get the respect it so VERY rightfully deserves?!?

btw - Kudos to the CFL for prospering amongst what has got to be the biggest media obstacle on the continent! Can you think of any other long-lasting, still-successful business that gets that much attention, and where so much of its attention is (unjustly) negative?

DITTO… when is the last time you read a negitive article on the NFL[besides the SUPERBORE] and the press has 1 standard for the CFL and 1 standard for other PRO sports leagues…

BUT , we have to write the news papers, call the radio STATIONS like , THE FAN , write TSN ect…I wrote all CFL teams about the possible firing of TOM WRIGHT and I wrote both OTTAWA and the OTTAWA SUN…with a letter of complaint and proof that they are bised…they won’t listen to 1 letter but many will get their attention , all you have to do is write the same points that you made here and send them off…by e-mail or better yet , phone them , the SUN writers do talk to people if they are there at work…I have done that as well.

Somebodies got to stand up to these jerks…or we can’t complain about it. :smiley:

I know exactly what you mean. I don’t think that the media wants anything Canadian to succeed. I work for a major Canadian Corporation and the media is always ragging on us. In the first quarter last year we lost money, second quarter we made a good profit but the headlines in the Canadian papers was Their Profits Slide Again. Why? Because we didn’t make as much profit as in the second quarter of the previous year. The headline could have been that we are back on track or on the rebound or any other positive note but they chose to show us in a negative light simply because we are Canadian. I could give many exaples of this practice.
I believe they are doing the exact same thing to the CFL.


The CFL survives a lot because it doesn’t rely on large $$$ flow.

Low overhead.

Bombardier…perhaps? Or am I way off…?

Although I agree with what you’re saying about the media crapping on the good ol’ CFL, I say why get bent outta shape about it? It’s been that way for a lot of years and in most cases rightfully so. The media, and let’s face it we’re mostly talking about the Toronto media here, is palying a wait and see game with the league and its fans.

Yes we’re in good times now but we’ve been there before and this league has imploded time and again. And now they want to boot the commish who’s taken the league outta the gutter and made it profitable? No wonder they’re sceptical…

But all we can do as fans is continue to support the league by buying tix, merchandise, and participating in interactive forums such as this one. This, the media cannot ignore. Eventually they have to acknwledge the fans and the support the league is getting and begin to look at the CFL in higher regard. But we can’t keep lamenting the fact that the NFL gets more attention, as an example.

All we can do is be “fans”. Buy tickets, jerseys, hats, beer, etc. Enthusiasm is contagious. If we show it, others will follow and maybe even the crabby Toronto media will pull their collective head’s outta their azzes and take notice. 8)

You got it

I’ll second that, nicely stated Eski-Moses. At this point, I couldn’t care less about how much negative media there is, for me that is, if anything, it makes me spend more and watch more the CFL. My only concern is that it could affect those who would like to follow the CFL but are more easily persuaded by the negative media due to their insecurities wanting to be “part of the in crowd”, peer pressure type of thing. And there are quite a few of these insecure and weak folk around unfortunately. And much of the Toronto based media like to prey like vultures on these type of unfortunates because of the big numbers of them and the fact that these media themselves are insecure and weak and therefore get their jollies from this type of journalism.

Let them know… [Calgary SUN ,Toronto Sun , Ottawa Sun]… about it…you all make excellent points but we really can’t complain, if we do nothing.

Letter writing does work if enoungh people do it. It doesn’t take many , just more than one.

Silliy media. I’d invest in Bombardier. Airbus…now that’s another matter. :shock:

I have always thought that the media in this country jumps aboard the hype-wagon (sports and politics) too quickly without researching the real facts. Institutions (like our CFL.) have always suffered because the ‘glitz’ down south is always considered to be superior…well I KNOW WE HAVE THE BETTER GAME… We may not have the cash flow and some of the high priced ‘prima-donna’ talent that the states has but pound for pound we get a better deal. The cure for our situation is in the positive support we give to our league… attendance etc. The CFL. has gone through some pretty rough times in the past (including firing of comissioners and folding of teams) and we SURVIVE . Media people; we are not going to fold our tents and creep slowly into the night; so get out those positve pens and supporting voices and give OUR game the coverage it deserves. I know we have some good sports reporters in all CFL. cities we just need more… :!:

It was beautiful last year…One well known (To BC) talk show (Dan Russel) “expert” predicted the Lions would NEVER fill the bottom bowl of BC Place. It was sure nice for the fans to prove him wrong. (Last Reg season game Vs Sask)

Funny thing… Inever heard him apologize or admit he was wrong…Hmmm, I guess the media is never wrong.

And cows fly

I wrote the GADES about my experience with CHRIS of the OTTAWA SUN
I sent them the letter and they wrote me back…cool…at least it tried.