Positive optisim....back in Steeltown

I have to say that, reading alot of the posts from fans this past week, has been great.
I don't think we have had this much positive optisim, with our team in many, many years.
Great to see.
Let's hope it continue's throughout 2008, win/lose, or draw. :thup: :thup: :thup:


Yea but watch what happens if we lose today!

They don't have win just play well
But I would LIKE to see a win

I have positive...optisim...after the tenth beer! :smiley::smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Optimism abounds! Hopefully the Cats will seize this opportunity to beat a wounded Riders squad and get some room vs. the Bombers in particular. A continuation of the positive momentum gained by beating Evil Incarnate last week will keep the club in good stead as the schedule gets tougher in the coming weeks.

Oski Wee Wee,

As long as the ticats show heart and play their best for 4 quarters. I will be happy!!!

I visited the Bombers forum today and it reads just like ours has read for the past three years. Calling themselves the worst team in the league, laughing stock of the CFL, coach has lost faith in the team, sick to the stomach feeling...
Sound familiar? Let's keep the optimism coming and stay behind our guys!
Oski wee wee

I was just in the Bombers forum. Someone was mentioning they wanted to make a trade for the likes of Printers, Lumsden and Moreno. I thought that was hilarious. That would never happen!!!

Glad to see the positive optimism back in steeltown. I hated all that negative optimism the last few years :wink:

dear mr/mrs/ms/miss sjriley,if you're gonna start a new post, please get the spelling down first.
also, i'm pretty sure that all OPTIMISM-check the spelling on that- is positive, is it not,anyone,anyone....if it wasn't optimism wouldn't it be pessimism?
city legend

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss citylegend, if you're going to attack somebody's spelling at LEAST have the decency to use proper GRAMMER, including capitals where applicable. Then and ONLY then will you be taken seriously

Very Proud of Effort from The Guys
3 Plays Cost this game
(1) Miss Field Goal By Nick 1st Half
(2) Shot Gun Snap on 2nd Down and Hand Off (was a Bad Call)

(3) Fumble at 3 Yards By The Roughies
We should get Ball on the 2.

Refs Got it Wrong again.

Still We Proved We have Team this year
We can be proud of as Tigertown Nation.

We Went Toe to Toe with the Roughies
All We won was Respect From Alot of People

I rather The 2 points but it something to Build On

Sigh. Read the other topics. The officials got it right.

Sir I Disagree and you won't Change my Mind.
or 90% People in that Stadium.

If was Fumble and Our Ball No Question.

Okay, I'm well into my Lucky beers (Vancouver Island), but disappointed as I am for the team's loss, I'm excited about how exciting the Cats are this year.
I feel almost that every time the offense comes on to the field that Casey or Jesse or somebody can get the job done. I haven't really felt that way since Danny Mac and Darren Flutie were on the field.
This is a great young team, I thought they had a good game plan tonight, I thought Casey played very well, Chris Baumann too (I really like this guy, I did last year), many others too.
This game went right down to the final seconds; I hate the rule that the refs had to call on that fumble.
But hey, I don't feel embarrassed any more watching this team in public (I don't have cable so I have to watch it at my Legion branch - boy have I taken ribbing over the last few years).
I don't know how this season will end up, but I am disappointed that you guys back in Hamilton aren't showing up in the stadium. Jeez the tickets are cheap enough. (If I was back home in Grimsby I'd be there in a flash, but $1000 air fares from Vancouver Island kinda preclude a visitation. I'll be in BC Place with bells on though (and my 1972 Grey Cup Hamilton hard hat) for Sept. 27 - hope to see lots of you B.C. Ticats fans there then).
And a hearty, if very drunken, Oski-wee-wee to ya'all.

Awesome post!! Have a Lucky for me!
Yeah, if nothing else, I think this game helped sell a bunch of 8 packs...ticket packages, that is.

they should sell seven packs starting tomorow. I should be in marketing for this team.

they should sell seven packs starting tomorow. I should be in marketing for this team.

I like your thinking!

I'm holding out for the six-pack myself :wink: :wink: :wink:

Watching Lumsden play is worth the price of a seven pack!! :smiley: