Positive Energy..starting now

It is time to send some positive energy towards our team..
for those who want to write something negative..I ask you that you please don't..there is enough negative topics on this site that you can respond too,all I ask..thanks

lets write as many positive thoughts as possible

We will WIN Friday night!
Our offence will score easily in the redzone
we will be 3 and 5 by labour day


I am positive Maas is aweful

if not now a lot of the fans will be positve after friday....once again.
a lotta sore ankles coming up.

sore ankles?

can you read?.."no negative comments on this forum".....think positive or go back to being an argo fan


I am also positive we'll lose with Maas, and yes I can read. I'm following your directions on being positive

this not a Mass thread ... "think positive" for the team to succeed!...get it!?..being a "former" argo fan you probably don't..
I hope Maas and the "team" makes you eat your words
think positive man...

I am positive that Mitchell's whining about Winnipeg is pure foolishness

I am positive the black out promo is not as important as winning

I am positive the price of beer actually costs the concessionaires sales and therefore money

I am positive I'm not the only one sick of losing

I am positive that the OC is doing a bad job with red zone offence

There you go not one Maas issue that I am positive about


I am positive thats a forum violation

As am I argoconvert. Also noted that there is no way the majority of Ticat fans can stay positive. We have scored three touchdowns in five games. We have won zero of those five games. Worst of all the same QB has started ALL FIVE of those games. Positive energy will not save this team. Cutting down the penalties, using a QB that can actually throw the ball, and succeeding in the redzone might allow us to see a few wins this year. If not, 0-18 is a real possibility. This last game against Winnipeg we took 2 steps back after taking a step forward in BC. I hope the team goes 13-5, but it’s not going to happen. Sure we are rebuilding and I understand that, but doesn’t rebuilding mean playing your young QBs and younger players? Maas is in his thirties, which for a pro-athlete means he is closing in on the end of his career. I just don’t understand the Taffee’s mind-set as to continuing to start and keep Maas in the games.

Oh look, catfan13 changed his positive remark about you being an idiot (Argoconvert) into you still living with your parents. How creative! I wonder if he read that on “duh internetz”

argo convert..All I asked on this forum is, as cat fans, that we bring some positive thoughts to the team..and all you brought was negativity..
you can express your thoughts on other threads, can't you??
We want them too win..and I think some postive energy can help..so,if you don't have anything positive to say on this forum..please don't say anything at all..is that too much to ask ..."argoconvert"

I am positive even your edit is still a forum violation.

BTW how much more positive can I get. I'm running out of ideas

Agree with every word Miller and thanks for picking that up so he can't hide from it

I'll answer for "argoconvert" hoping they don't mind as it's the same reason I came to this thread. You (catfan13) PAINTED a large bull's-eye on this thread by saying BE POSITIVE GUYS, WE CAN WIN THAT WAY. How many games have you been to this year? If you have been to them, haven't you noticed how the further into the game we get, the less you want to cheer. Now you're saying be positive. One game is rough, five games is brutal. How can anyone expect Hamilton fans to stay positive. Since 2000, we've had ONE, yes ONE winning season. That was the 9-8-1 season under Marshall in his first year. We need to start winning or the crowds will be gone, and sadly I don't think that we will start winning.

cfl's top qb's

henry burris 32
anthony calvillo 35
kerry joseph 34
dave dickensen 34
mike bishop 31
for the record ricky ray is only 29.

Do you think that they are going to last more than 3-5 years? Not likely. Also noted that they are the TOP QBs. Maas is mediocre, and people expect him to get better at his age. It's just not going to happen. Maas can't get progressivly better at his age, he's going to get progressively worse now, especially around a team that isn't full of all-stars.

well i'm not a fly by night fan and i actually see some positives regardless of the crap record.
i've only posted 3oo posts this month to try to express what so i ain't rehashing.
gurantee you in the locker room they're trying to keep things positive.

Look to Edmnonton, thats the top limit and its not really that good. Maas had ONE good year and several poor ones, even a couple after the good one

I bet they are trying to keep positive, but loss after loss creates NEGATIVITY (go figure) and that negativity is going to take hold of this team before Labour Day.