Positive Blue Jays Thread

Today's sellout (Sunday) - 46,300. And this game has actually been sold out for over a week now - with not even single seats available. So the discrepancy between it and larger 'sellouts' - people in boxes and restaurants

And they won again - 6 - 3. A decent first pitching start of the year for Drew Hutchison. Yay!

Josh Donaldson MVP Bobblehead mania yesterday at Rogers Centre.

The first 20,000 fans at yesterday's Jays game received the Bobblehead. My friend who went to the game posted this picture at 10:45AM. Every gate looked like this over two hours before game time and 45 minutes before the gates even opened.


Not that last night's loss can be pinned on Dickey - scoring 1 run will usually result in a loss - but, he can't go 7 innings without giving up 6 runs. He won't win many games pitching like this.

He shouldn't be the number 2 man. He draws unfavourable pitching matchups against the number 1 or number 2 pitchers of the opponents' rotation.

He should be pitching from the 4th spot to draw more evenly matched competition.

If that still fails, then he needs to go.

Oh great; Dickey is starting on Monday and I have front row tickets. Damn my luck!

4 wins in a row since drummer’s Monday game. :slight_smile:

One blowout and 3 wins in the Jays’ last at bats. Tuesday tied it in the 9th - won it in extras. Wednesday winning it in the bottom of the 9th and tonight in front of a huge Friday night crowd of 42,304 Kevin Pillar’s 3 run home run in the bottom of the 8th the difference is a 5-2 Jays win over the Dodgers.

Yup. It was a fun game, nonetheless.
They've won 5 of their last 7 and are now 2 games behind Baltimore for the AL east lead. Hopefully they've turned the corner.

To further my point, Dickey ( ERA 5.73 ) is matched against Kershaw ( ERA 1.96 ). Had a Dickey been In the number 4 spot, we'd have a much better chance today, as Happ, Estrada and Sanchez have ERAs of 2.50, 2.64 and 2.82 respectively.

I have to credit Dickey for pitching a great game his past Monday. If he pitches like that today, we'll have a shot, but great Dickey outings are usually few and far between.

Positive Blue Jays Thread

A positive???

Bautista was not out cold after that punch but it was close. Very close. He got him good!

Will get more attention than the Raptor win.

Nope - the headlines are the Raps so far on websites like The Toronto Star, The guy did land a good punch though - but that likely means a few games on the sidelines for the Texas player.

Outside of Toronto, the punch will get more play.

I want to see someone, with better computer skills than me, put together a picture of Bautista flipping his bat on the left and, on the right, getting cold-cocked. The caption should reads, "Flip this, B****!!!!"

Rogers/The Jays bring out my Dark Side. :wink:

As some of the commentators pointed out - and Bautista himself said - kind of cowardly that the Rangers waited until Bautista's last at bat against them of the year - using a pitcher not even on their team last year - to throw at him in the first place.

Would be fun if these two teams happened to meet in the playoffs again. To get there though the Jays bullpen needs to improve. Their starters are almost always giving them quality starts into the 6th inning or so - but the bullpen keeps blowing it. So now I think on occasion the Jays are leaving their starters in there a bit longer because they don't have faith in the bullpen - and that is resulting in starters taking some losses giving up runs in the later innings after 6+ strong innings.

Whatever... Bautista got "tagged" and he's trying to deflect his embarrassment.

Jose Bautista likes to shoot off his mouth more than any other MLB player. Yesterday, he paid for it. Looks good on him! And now other players will know he has a weak chin. Hope he gets knocked out next time because, God knows, he was close yesterday. What a wimpus.

Have I mentioned Rogers and the Jays bring out my dark-side?

The guy who landed the punch - who thankfully was involved in misplaying the ball in the bottom of that playoff 7th inning that at the time allowed the Jays to tie the game - has quite the reputation apparently

  • [url=http://deadspin.com/rougned-odors-been-a-shit-for-a-long-time-1776921090?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow]http://deadspin.com/rougned-odors-been- ... socialflow[/url]

To his credit, he's got a heck of a right hook. :rockin:

If his right hook was that good, Bautista would have been floored.

In any fight, someone's got to land the first shot - in his case, Odor - and that doesn't always translate to the winner of the fight. When watching in real time, Bautista pops back up from being staggered very quickly ( slow motion makes it look worse than it was ) and then blocks the next shot...who knows what would have happened had the benches not cleared and Beltre grabbed Bautista preventing him from mounting any offence of his own? Would Bautista have followed things up by whooping Odor, or would Odor have pumbled Bautista?
We'll never know, unfortunately.

Disagree. Bautista continued to look dazed. When one of the Ranger players (Beltre?) held him back, he did nothing to get away. He knew he was staggered. He let others fight his battle. Wimpus.

Yup - Gregg Zaun just mentioned that everyone has forgotten the Raptors won Game 7.

I agree.

Not that the crowds will be very good the next three nights - with Tampa in town - who just are not that good a draw in TO - even though they are in the same division - but heading into this brief 3 game home stand the Jays attendance is up an average of 10,651 a game through their first 19 home games compared to the first 19 home games of 2015.

685,447 through 19 games this season compared to 483,086 through their first 19 home games last year - an increase of 202,361. Heading into tonight averaging 36,076 a game compared to 25,426 through the first 19 home games last season.

Those numbers are by far the best increase in the MLB with the Cubs the second highest increase at just over 6,000 per game.

[url=http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/current_attendance.shtml]http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagu ... ance.shtml[/url]