Positive Blue Jays Thread

Sorry they are Toronto's team as far as I am concerned . TSN the Toronto Sports Network and the Rogers Blue Jays
can pander to a false sense of national affiliation thru propaganda all they want . I am sure it is working to some degree while the winning bandwagon grows with every win . I don't begrudge anyone for liking them but you can't actually think we all need to be assimilated in liking a team from Toronto simply because they are based in Canada.

Nor does anyone have to love the CFL because it's based in Canada.
We like who we like.

I disagree.
If you’re Canadian, your affiliation / allegiance should be a Canadian team. No exceptions.

A Canadian supporting a team that represents a foreign country’s city over one of their own is treacherous , IMO.

Did I say anyone has to love the CFL ? Never once in any post . I don't dislike the Jay fan I dislike the Nationalistic Jingoist nonsense that goes with it .

Saying that ;

I don't think you can compare the CFL with a Canadian mandatory content , rules, history and all teams based in Canada with a Toronto team played by almost all non Canadians in an American league with it's roots deep in the United States .

I posted this before I don't like the old CFL Renegade emblem with the Canadian flag on it . A pro team does not need a flag or national symbol especially in the CFL where the CFL crest has the leaf on the back of the helmet .

They are the Jays not the maple leafs . That's my opinion and judging from the Sun writers not from Toronto I am not alone .

Even if, say, you live in South West BC and are only a couple of hours from attending a Mariners game? You should still cheer for a team on the other side of the country?

I wouldn't be so presumptuous to say anybody 'should' cheer for the Canadian team - but the fact is most Canadian sports fans do just that - and I don't understand why some seem to have an issue with that.

And that is why you can sit in a sports bar in Windsor, Ontario watching a Jays - Tigers game - literally almost in view of Comerica Park where the Tigers play - and you might have half the bar cheering for the Jays.

Or like the example you gave in BC within a few hours drive to a Mariners game and yet 15,000+ that drive from that area to the Jays - Mariners games are cheering for the Jays - because those people do consider them as Canada's team.

Yes TravelPatB. There are quite a few Jays fans out here as well. They only came out when the Jays were winning mind you.

Not much different than Toronto Jays fans. Except Toronto jays fans will start out as Yankee fan's than switch over when the Jays are winning.

Last I checked, BC is Canada, as is Toronto. Seattle is not.
If the Jays didn't exist and the Montreal expos did, I would be an expos fan despite living much closer to Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Choose Canadian whenever you can.

I'm sure those who want to cheer for the Mariners will ask for your opinion next time they go to a game.

Anyone going to see the Mariners without the intention going to cheer the blue Jays is not a Canadian and should be deported....or worse.

Tongue in cheek I'm sure.

You see Slant and TPat ; Drummer was a nice Canadian boy before and now he's got all that RBJ fever and wants to build a wall in BC for Mariner Fans .

Hank...nice analogy.

Anyway its not important but I just want to explain my position on the team Canada thing.

I could care less if Jays/Raptors are seen as Canada's team.
What I am saying is it makes sense for the ownership group to market them this way.

And I am saying I don't think its reasonable to want them to financially fail because of their owners disregard for the CFL. I just don't see anything positive resulting from their failing financially. And I certainly don't see their financial failing as helping the CFL in any way.

And most importantly - the Jays won again tonight beating the O's 4 - 3. :smiley:

Stroman seems to have a knack for staying in 1 inning too many and giving up a late home run which makes the game closer than it should be.
He did it in Tampa and again last night.
7 innings of 1 run ball...should have let the bullpen take over there.

But a win is a win, and hopefully he's learned his lesson.

Oh crap. Dickey is pitching tonight. Chalk up a loss.

Another decent start for Happ today pitching 7 innings and allowing just 3 runs. The bats came alive too - 9 runs including a league leading 7th home run for Donaldson.

Another sellout of over 46,000 (for an April game against Oakland? WOW!). Tomorrow is already sold out too.

What is a "True" sell-out for the Jays??? Sometimes it's 48k sometimes 47,now 46. I guess when they are 15 games out in September, 30,000 will be a "sell-out".

Because there are thousands of seats available in restaurants and corporate boxes there is no hard and fast sellout number. If a corporate box goes unbooked for a game - but there are no tickets available in the stands - it is considered a sellout. If somebody rents a box and they have 9 friends with them - that same box might have up to 15-20 people the next game. One huge party box can hold up to 300+ people. If somebody rents it and only has 50 people in it that's 250 less than what might be in that box another game.

That is why the 'sold-out' number bounces around a bit.

Supposedly if every single restaurant seat is sold and every corporate box is filled to their maximum limit the current baseball capacity is 49,282.

And keep in mind these days teams in many sport do call games sold out - even when there might be a handful of single seats left.

The Ti-Cats were always announcing sellouts every game last year a couple of days before the game - and yet if you went online there would still be 100-200 tickets available - mostly singles. Every game was 'sold-out' last year but every crowd was a different number because of how many were in the corporate suites for specific games and sometimes the odd single seat did not sell. Their 'sell-out' crowds last year ranged between 24,029 up to 24,390.