Positive Blue Jays Thread

Just to keep a balance.

Incredible crowd last night. The energy was palpable through the screen.

Didn't watch the game but congrats to the fans for making it incredible.

Ooops, I guess I went to the wrong thread. Sorry.

Much better day for Jays fans. Not only the 3 - 0 win - but how they won. GREAT defence including a tremendous relay from Bautista to Goins to Martin to nail Pedroia at the plate and preserve the shutout.

But even more encouraging that Estrada picked up right where he left off pitching seven innings of shutout ball. Osuna looking good yet again with the save, and our MVP Donaldson yet another home run - his 4th in less than 7 games - since he missed a couple of at bats in the game he strained his calf in Tampa. just seven games!

Plus the three game series averaged 47,392 at Rogers Centre.

The other thing I noticed when at yesterday's game is that all the hotel rooms and corporate boxes seemed to be in use. You rarely saw more than a handful in use a few years ago at Jays games.

I'll also be curious to see just how good the TV ratings are for those three games. I suspect we'll get a press release on those from Sportsnet late in the day tomorrow.

They really played well. Just need to get the bullpen sorted out.

Well a home opener Sportsnet record for Friday night's game averaging 1.77 million. Up over 500,000 from last year's home opener.

On their one night off this week (Monday) - the Jays held one of their major fundraisers of the year at Rogers Centre for their Jays Care Foundation. Over $1 million dollars was raised for the foundation that night with the help of Jays players.

Here a description of what the organization did in Canada in 2015.

[url=http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/tor/downloads/y2015/jays_care_foundation_impact_report.pdf]http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/tor/dow ... report.pdf[/url]

A series win!
Another home run by Donaldson - his 5th - this time a 3 run home run to give the Jays the lead.
Another great pitching start. This time by Stroman who only allowed 3 hits through 8 innings!
And a very good early season weeknight crowd of over 36,000 goes home happy.

Of course, I had to attend the lone Yankee win :roll:

You saw the best one DG .

Some people watch the whole 162 game season just to find out the Yankees are the best team in baseball.

You should move there.

Jays fans do the classy and right thing.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/04/15/man-accidentally-makes-it-rain-and-the-crowd-makes-it-right-at-rogers-centre.html]http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/04 ... entre.html[/url]
Chuck Molgat took his 9-year-old daughter out for a rare weeknight game on Thursday, their first game of the season. Then he literally threw his money away.

It was the bottom of the sixth, the Jays were up 4-2 to the Yankees and Molgat had a hankering for some snacks. Wallet in hand, he stood up from his front-row seat in the 500 section, turned for the aisle, and then watched his wallet careen over the edge into the seats below.

“About halfway down all the money that was in it sort of shot out,? he said. It was about $160 in cash, by his estimate. And it was everywhere. “I just watched as the people raced around grabbing my money and shoving it in their pockets.?

Aided by some helpful staff, a secret elevator, Molgat and his daughter were in Section 228 within three minutes, where someone immediately handed the wallet back. Empty.

Gathering the eyeglasses prescription that fell out was simple and people helped him scoop up a lucky hockey card (Hall of Famer Bernie Federko). The cash took a little more convincing.

Molgat says he was feeling a little vulnerable as he stood before a dozen or so rows of people, some of whom had just stuffed his money in their pockets.

However, as quick as they went in, the bills came back out. Before Molgat could get out his first request people were extending their hands with the money, he said.

Those 500 seats are a scary . Nice to hear the story ending well for that fan . That is a nightmare for most because usually it's the other things like ID and bank cards that makes your heart leap not just the money.

I was being positive about your experience . :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice win for the Jays. 7-7 now.

Pitching seems to be back on track. For the most part the starters have been excellent, perhaps Dickey aside.

The offense is spotty. But that should return. They need Tulo and Martin to settle in.

Blue Jays' ERA:

Sanchez - 1.35
Happ - 2.25
Estrada - 2.75
Stroman - 4.22

Dickey - 6.75 :roll:

How many more games does Dickey get as the highest paid pitcher on this staff before being replaced by Gavin Floyd?

In the Raptors thread - as there as been in Jays threads - some haters have claimed they get upset because those teams get promoted as 'Canada's teams'.

As I mentioned in the Raptors thread it only makes sense Rogers would market the Jays that way. The league they play in recognizes all of Canada as Jays territory - and it only makes economic sense for Rogers to take advantage of that and market them nationally.

And it does work - as this Facebook map shows. Fans of teams usually follow or like their team's Facebook and Twitter accounts. As this Facebook map shows - Jays are the team of choice for baseball fans across the entire country.

[url=http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-baseball-teams-map-2015-4]http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook ... map-2015-4[/url]


Yup good numbers outside of Dickey.
Not to be a Dickey apologist but he always seems to start the season with some rough edges.

But I suspect he's on a short leash .

Need some offense to take hold as well.

I have no issue with the Jays being called Canada's team. I usually catch 2 or 3 live Jays games a year.

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but if asked who's your team it's got to be the Jays.