Positive......and alot of negitives in Sask.

I guess the one positive thing that can be said about the game.....is that the Cats came out in the second half, and made a game of it.
I credit the defence, big time, for the effort that was shown in this game.
The offence....if they were going to have a bad game....I hope this was the one. Not, hopefully, to be repeated again, this season.
FLAT..... in regards to the offence in the first half....period. Totaly 'unprepaired mentaly'. No excusses, they didn't even look like " they got off the bus."
I hope M/B makes them run laps around IWS all day long....when they return home.

Not to sound like a sore loser.....but the officiating in this game was GROSS.
Jake the Snake.....alive and well at Toronto central.....
M/B challenges....down by contact. Durant fumbles on the 2....Gordon recovers. Durant did not touch the field, he was on top of his own player, when he fumbled. Challenge goes back to Ireland, in Toronto.
Challenge comes back as....called on the field. ( Thanks again, Ireland. ) Cost the Cats....7 points.
Holding....holding...holding. All day long, by Sask, through-out the game.....no calls.
Then....last but not least. Late in the fourth.....even the guys at TSN saw the holding on Gordon....that lead to the Sask go-ahead touch-down. AGAIN.....no call. Cost the Cats, another 7 points.
High-School football officiating........

End of my rant.....thanks for listening.


We still deserved to lose that game. As for the holding at the end of the game, the way that drive was going I doubt it would have mattered Sask was man handling us again.

missed holds and no yards go both ways my friend

I worry more about trends then any one game.

For instance the trend of the Cats coming out flat, both offensively and defensively.

For what ever reason we seem unprepared for the game

8) You make a good point regarding that drive by Regina.
 Even without that hold on Gordon's jersey, Dressler would have been hard to stop on that play 
 (considering how the Cats were tackling in that game).    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Man, that Dressler has got some set of wheels on him for sure  !!!

It does not matter if he would have been tough to stop.

It was clearly holding, and Gordon was the player on the ball. Where else could the officials have been looking???
Horrible no-call!!

I agree..seems like a real game breaker to me.

As one of the other poster's stated.....the Cats probably did not deserve to win this game, for the way they came out soooo flat, in the first half. That being said....the one thing that has driven me 'nuts' with the CFL over many, many years, is the constant inconsistence with the officiating crew's working the games. It's long overdue that the CFL, pay the money to have full-time officiating staff, that take further training.....in the off-season, just like the NFL. Until the CFL Board of Governor's " wake up....and smell the coffee" about this ongoing problem, that has gone on for decades....the problem will continue.
Even the Toronto Head Coach, has spoken about this on TSN.
The problem is real.....and it's about time, it was addressed, and corrected. :thdn:


RidersNeverDie you must have died a few times pal with only 2 or is it 3 Grey Cups in your long history. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

3 to our 15 :lol:

Credit the defense? For all the missed tackles in the open field? Yes, they were gassed by game's end, but there is no excuse for the poor tackling and lack of gap control in the first half.

I agree, especially about the officiating. CFL refs are the worst!
Can't blame the weather, both teams played in it (we played in the rain almost every home game).
On the other hand, we cannot defend the pass....period, & our tackling is horrible.
Our offense has absolutely no imagination (5 yard passes with the wind ?????), we us no backfield motion. We need an offensive coordinator, defenses can read our plays so easy.
By the way coaches, a QB who can run will get you out of trouble once in awhile.
My wife & I traveled to Regina (our annual trip for the year), & I must say we took a lot of abuse from the rider fans. Of course we had to sit there & take it, pretty hard to say anything back when your team is -11 yards in the 1st. half.
Don't get too excited about the comeback, Saskatchewan laid back in the third quarter (thank god). But you knew when they got the wind in the forth, we couldn't stop them.
I don't expect to win every game, but lets be prepared & at least compete.
Anyways, enough whining
Lets get it together boys

positives and negatives for sure. Positive..defence is starting to put pressure on the qb, negative ..missed tackles on the qb....positive ... this to me is a huge improvement and I'm sure they will start racking up more sacks before play offs, Marshall will correct that. Big negative of course is the slow starting.. Porter will improve as he matures ....before you get down on him let me point out how much he resembles a young Calvillo..when we had him in the black and gold. Stick with him !!
Bigger positive..hey guys we'll be in the play offs this year !!!! Go Cats GO !!!!!

Don't wine about the blown calls, was a rela blow call on the Cats punt and the Riders returner was hit when he caught the ball, where the hell were the refs looking at? the Cheer leaders? it happens in every game its just the ones that are so obvious that drive us nut!

It does drive us nuts, you're right. When it allows a touchdown it's even worse. It does happen every game, but how you miss a mugging on a corner in the open field is beyond me. It's not like a shirt grab on an interior lineman that may be difficult to see. While you can't pin the loss on that it was inexcusable so people are going to be angry about it. But you never know, anything could've happened in a couple more plays; a fumble, interception, goal line stand...so, it was significant being that they scored on that play.

All I can say to Riderfan23....is that it does not matter, what team in the CFL you are a fan of.....any game, that has the outcome of a game effected, by the guys in stripes, that are working that game....is wrong, period. I don't bye the crap about....oh well, it's the CFL....and it's gone on for decads....there is nothing that can be done about it.
B/S.....we are not talking about some popcorn party treats here. The CFL is a multi--multi million dollar a year, sports business.....here in Canada. Has it improved in many ways over the decads....of coarse it has. But the biggest problem ( after all these decades ) still remains....the biggest problem. "Officiating"
And it's about time that the Board of Governors for the CFL got off their asses, and seriously addressed this major issue.....rather than dishing out fines to players or coaches...." that dare" say anything to the Media about it. Granted....Officiating can not ever be perfect, as there is the human element.....but it can be greatly improved upon, if the proper time and resources were invested in it.