Positions that need addressing

....First of all....NO. 1 THE QB......LeFors is simply not getting it done....the guy has grit and moxey....but that'll only take you so far....At the risk of hurting his pride and or confidence....Kelly should sit him and start Randall...and/or bring in another qb. period. Receivers are not being used properly.....Did Edwards even make the trip to the hammer???????

...Secondly...There has been no pressure on the opposing qb. ......the guys coming off the ends are not getting it done....both Walls and Perry have to start playing or get someone who will...I don't remember hearing their names mentioned in the three games played....When you're a rush- end and you're not making plays in the back-field...the data base will find someone who will...This team has been torn down to the chassis....a few more changes won't matter and should be expected....

...Thirdly....get a return man for cripes-sake....You can't continually give up the type of field position the Bombers are granting and expect to win ball games...

....The over-all growing pains are starting to surface as was to be expected....and everyone claims to have the answers looking from the outside...In the end ,its the management and coaching staff that are the people responsible..You have to give them time......but not an eternity....Let the chips fall where they may....
..The next two games are going to be a real eye-opener for this club....The BigBlue have been 'in' all three games so far and there's no reason that they shouldn't beat the Argos...IF that doesn't happen ....strap yourself in boys....it's gonna be a rough-ride... :wink: Kudos to the defence (for the most part)...they are playing well ahead of the offence and they sure need something from them to put this train on the right track..


Have to agree with you papa. LeFors is not getting it done..........he's certainly got a good attitude (grit/moxey, as you say), he can run, but his arm is nothing to write home about.......in short, he's a clone of Dinwiddie. So why does Kelly think LeFors is starter material but Dinwiddie not even good enough to make the team? It's a real puzzler; they are so much alike.

I like your defence..........excellent LB corps.........good D line............the lack of sacks is problematic, however......but with the talent you have on the line, one would expect the sacks to come..............secondary is giving up too much yardage.

Offence..........Reid was great in the first half but then Greg Marshall made hafltime adjustments, your offensive coordinator didn't, and that was basically all she wrote..............the Bombers got out=coached........another example was Bellefeuille pulling Porter at halftime and inserting Glenn................Kelly should have had the cojones to do the same, and putting Randall (or Williams) in then...........it was obvious that LeFors wasnt' getting it done.

And you're right about Edwards; where the heck was he? Did Kelly release him along with Armstrong and forget to tell anyone??

He didn't tell anyone about the release of Edwards because it was a non-issue, it was handled internally and he didn't wanna talk about it :lol:
Sorry, just playing I had to say it.


....yeah ...i think its going to be sink or swim with Lefors as far as Kelly is concerned...The way Stefan is playing right now...if i were Kelly i wouldn't relish the situation he's put himself in ,with regards to his qb. ..LeFors was obviously hurt in the first-half... according to Kelly he couldn't fully rotate his upper body....He doesn't exactly throw with authority when he can.....soooooo I would have started Randall in the second half....Coachng error for sure....This team has excellent receivers....who are not getting the ball....You only need to look at this fact...Edwards ...0 yds....Bowman...0 yds. and Bryant 56 yds.....There needs to be a qb. change ...or the next games will simply be the same...and the basement staring us fully in the face.... :wink:

Anyone impressed with "The Database" ?

i was thinking the same thing about Edwards, i don't think he even had a catch in the game, i figure it must have been Chris Thompson that was guarding him because teams have not thrown near chris thompson all year.

and have you guys tried Brock Ralph at returning? im not sure he'd be able to make a few guys miss but apparently he is one of the fastest guys in the league.

Breakaway speed is not at a premium for kick returners.........elusiveness is more valued..............

They tried to go to Edwards once at least and Tisdale almost took it to the house. Even with the loss of Armstrong and the retirement of Stegall, there's still a lot of talent in that receiving corps, so how come they're not getting open? I don't think the problem is not going to receiver X or Y so much as it is the offensive scheme itself + LeFors's struggles at QB. I'm simply not convinced that Kelly is scheming effectively to get guys like Edwards and Bryant out in space and open for passes.

Winnipeg's offensive struggles are where I think Kelly's lack of recent experience as an O.C. is showing. Put simply, the man has not been an offensive coordinator for years! Being a position coach and being responsible for playcalling are two different things. Last year in Edmonton, it was Worman and (I believe) Chapdelaine calling the plays, probably with input from Maciocia. I have no doubt that Kelly is a smart football mind, but you can't substitute attitude for experience on the ground.

As for the D-line, it's doing a tremendous job against the run, but they left Tyrone Williams at home specifically because they wanted a better pass rush, and I'm not sure they got it.

OC, Kelly needs to quit trying to reinvent the wheel. He's going to crush Lefors confidence with this whole ESP based read the defense at the line of scrimmage between qb and receiver schtick.

…IF…LeFors is hurt as was suggested by Kelly. then i think you have to get Randall and Williams ready for the Argos…There’s no bloody way i want a struggling qb. (could be injured) running this offence…There are some saying its far too late to bring in another…‘experienced’ qb. I say hogwash…IF, and BIG IF…none of these guys are good enough to put this team into "at least’ the red zone and give the team a chance to win , then the jury will be out on who’s running the show…When you see a problem staring you in the face and don’t correct it…that’s called being inept…and you suffer the consequences…It’s not too late to bring in another qb. …A teams’ system takes a little time to learn…but this is only game 3…We need some answers now…before IT IS too late…Writing is on the wall guys…I just hate it when stubborn people try to colour it any different… :x

Actually I'm very impressed with the team he's put together. Compared to last year we're better at every position with the glaring exception of our qb so far and our kick return game. The Database brought a very good returner to camp (Ramonce Taylor) and MK cut him b/c of behavioural problems. Lefors was MK's chose at qb.

Can you name the players “The Database” has produced ?


I think the biggest area that needs improving is so far our coaching. In the two games the Bombers have lost, they have gotten badly outcoached. Somebody above said Kelly needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel on offense and I agree. LeFors isn't getting quick enough reads by lining up under center and the passing game has just been god awful. Edwards and Bowman were shut out last night. Simply not good enough.

I really don't know what to do with the quarterbacking situation. On one hand, I think you got to let the young guy go throw some struggles before he gets better. But, at the same time, he really hasn't shown anything to suggest he's going to improve. He is under 50% passing and some of his throws aren't even in the same postal code as his receiver. One thing that needs to get done is move Richie Williams into the #2 spot. Kelly needs to a) have a quicker hook on LeFors when things aren't going good and b) have a veteran guy to go to as the #2. Both things went well for Hamilton last night.

I think the defense has been playing well but the only question I have there is where has Raill Johnson been? Fred Perry doesn't look the same as he used to and Johnson could be valuable to rotate in. Returner is needed pronto.

Hey, at least Serna had a good week :slight_smile:

This strategy could work if Kelly had a quality veteran QB. LeFors is a good player but he's still very green. With an untested QB, you want to minimize the amount of brain work he has to do pre and post snap. Let your veteran receivers use their athleticism and experience to make plays.

Good point. The Bombers have loads of talent across the running back and reciever positions. Let LeFors make the simple throw and simple play and let the skill players do the rest.

At QB, LeFarce, Randall and Williams are not the answer. These guys would all be backups on other teams. Kelly could have had Printers, but shot his mouth off about Prnters after the FA camp in a disrespectful way, so that bridge is burned. He cut Dinwiddie, so that bridge is burned, too. And if Kelly now trades for a QB, the Bombers are back to square one, geting a new guy in there to learn the system on the fly (which pretty much guarantees four straight losses before the QB gains confidence in the new system). Also, who can Kelly even trade for, QB-wise? Hamilton isn't going to trade Glenn. BC isn't going to trade Jackson. And what other #2 QB in the league is available? Pretty much no one. This whole QB mess is therefore on Kelly, because he annointed LeFors, who clearly isn't a starter, the starter, without bringing in any proper first string calibre competition. Kelly's Lefors decision is going to haunt the Bombers for the whole season because of everything I've mentioned.

Kelly's decision to cut Armstrong is also going to loom large. Clearly, the Bombers' receivers are overrated, because Hamilton completely shut them down. Would Armstrong have made a difference. What do you think? Again, this comes back on Kelly, because it was his decision to turf your best receiver. Kelly is a big Brock Ralph fan. Just like he is a big Lefors fan. Kelly thinks backups are starters. This lack of talent at these two key positions is going to kill the Bombers in 2009.

The Bombers have some decent talent at RB, DB and LB, but I also think their DL is overrated (Hamilton's QB's had lots of time), they need to give Reid a breather by finding another KR specialist (why aren't they putting Giles back there????), and their O-Line tends to be weak in the second half of games.

You are at least two years away from making the playoffs, Bomber fans. It's an issue, it should have been handled internally, end of discussion.

Anyone who's suggesting that Lefors needs to be tossed is in panic mode. His completion numbers haven't been good, but he's thrown only ONE pick this year, only one other starting QB has done that, and he's in Montreal.

Lefors isn't the only one to blame here, there have been a lot of drops by receivers, where it hits their hands or arms and they either drop it or let it bounce off. Any receiver coach will teach you that if you touch it, you better catch it. He has had trouble with over/under throws, but the reason why I still like him in there is that he's not making bad reads....everyone keeps talking about his reads not being good enough, his reads are fine...it's just a case of the receivers making the same reads. A lot of times you see receivers nowhere near the ball, that's a sign of mis-communication, either a receiver making a wrong read, or simply running a wrong route.

And to everyone claiming that Kelly is trying to "re-invent the wheel?" please! The guy has one or two formations with lots of motions or reverses, and everyone wants to throw it out right away. It's a great game plan. Week 1 it was pretty rough, they didn't use it, or not much in Week 2, they brought it out now in Week 3, and it may not have yielded huge yards, but the timing looked a lot tighter.

The reason everyone wants to hate Mike Kelly is because he got rid of guys who were fan favourites, and people's feelings got hurt. I'm glad it happened, for how many years had we been keeping the same personnel formula in place and getting the exact same results...NOTHING, maybe a few Grey Cup appearances, but no rings. I have to say I like most of Kelly's moves. Gauthier and Picard weren't his fault as both those guys wanted to move back East to be closer to home. Goodspeed was a tough call, but Kelly wanted an All Canadian line, which I think is the right way to go, and so you're not going to put Goodspeed on the bench. Tom Canada...nobody's signed him since. Zeke Moreno? Again tough call, but I'm loving the way Barrin is playing right now, and we still have Joe-Lo. Kelly Malveaux? Honestly, I'm glad I won't have to see that guy make any more arm tackles in a Bombers jersey, horrible tackler. Kevin Glenn? Sure he did good for 2 quarters (also threw 2 picks) if Hamilton wants a guy who'll throw average 1 or 2 picks a game...keep him, what's worse an incompletion or an interception?

I think all the offense needs is time to gel together....something a lot of Bomber fans refuse to allow. Meh, I think by Week 6 this offense will catch fire and start putting up some good numbers. Lefors accuracy has waivered, but his decisions have been good, he seems just a step off with receivers at times, once he gets that dialed in, you'll probably see his numbers jump.

Other than that, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more pass rush from the D-Line. Against the run their great, it'll be hard to run up the middle on Bombers this year, but they need more penetration on passing plays. Don't know what's wrong exactly, could be just a thing of getting into a rythm.

The LB's look great, Shabazz easily the best defensive player on the Bombers right now. And I can't believe the Bombers are actually forcing 1 or 2 interceptions per game....FORCING them....not committing them. Heffney, Logan, Jovo, all look great....still not sold on Craver, seems to be the misfit of the bunch, who coincidentally gets picked on the most...surprise, I think not. I love the Bombers attitude, especially on D

bg2k.....Kelly needs this offense to learn how to crawl before they can walk and run.

I agree, but I think they've pretty much got crawling down...they just need to walk and run now.

I think for the first half of the season we'll see the defense having to steal some games here and there, and we'll see Fred Reid carrying a big chunk of the load while the passing game gets it's feet under them.

The reason for my optimism is I've seen a lot of big plays ALMOST get made by this offense, only Lefors is a bit off, or a receiver is a step behind, etc. If the offense continues to improve, eventually Lefors will be ON on those plays, receivers WILL be right where they should be, and I think we'll see an overall jump in the offensive production.

Until then they'll be leaning heavily on the defense, but judging by the way their playing, I think the defense likes being the ones to step up in key moments, and they have on a lot of occasions. Some may cry about Marshall, but I think Mark Nelson was a huge addition to these defense, they actually look like they want to hit people now.