Position Battles 2012

Here are the position battles that I find will be the most intresting this Training Camp and Pre-Season...

Back Up QB: J.T. O'Sullivan, Colt Brennan, Levi Brown, Drew Willy
Upper Hand: J.T. O'Sullivan has the experaince can help Darian. Colt Brennan, good athletic ability, highly touted
Outside Looking In: Levi Brown, Drew Willy-Both young and inexperianced, need time to develop
How it will look Week 1: 1.Durant 2.O'Sullivan 3. Colt Brennan. Practice Roster: Drew Willy. Cut: Levi Brown

Starting Runningback: Competing: Demetrius Crawford, Kory Sheets, DeShawn Wynn, Nathan Riva, Louis Rankin, Yvenson Bernard, Brandon West.
Upper Hand: Brandon West-Experiance Yvenson Bernard-learned under Reid in Winnipeg, Deshawn Wynn-NFL experiance
Outside Looking in: Sheets. Crawford. Riva. Rankin
How it will look Week 1: I really don't know this is a tough one, I don't have a whole lot of knowlege on most of these guys, feel free to post who you think will start!

Starting WR (Opposite of Bagg): Competing: Moss, Smith, Raic, Brown, Bamba, Sanders, Sisco, Jarrett, Harper, Baker,
Upper Hand: Baker, Hill Sisco - Experiance
Outside Looking in: Everyone Else
How it will look Week 1: I have a feeling it will be a revolving door for a couple of weeks, I see Bamba suprising some people.

Starting Defensive Backs/Corners/Safeties: There are so many people here I'll let the leader post do the honors: http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Compet ... story.html

Starting Linebackers: Competing: Régimbald-Gagné, Stone, Kromah, Abraham, Francis, J.Williams, Graham, Sheffield, McCullough, Hurl, S.Williams (Didn't know Shomari moved from DE, this might be good he played LB in Collage)

Upper Hand: McCullough, S.Williams, Graham
Outside looking in: Its going to be a dog fight.

Well those are my training camp battles I'll be looking at, what are yours?

QB's - Hard to say. Very hard to say? Lots of inexperience behind DD and I'll sit back and wait for TC reports?

RB's - I think anyone who steps in is going to have to be a good blocker (smart and not miss assignments/reads). West I felt was good and always got positive yards. All I know is I watched some riderville tape on the RB;s when they went down south for mini camp...............one guy looked really good, quick feet, good routes, good hands..............and another large back looked bad, bad routes, sloppy. I just could not figure out who was who. I think we'll have a hybrid approach. Fast back with West and a large back to pound away.

O-line - Why won't you run the ball with an interior 3 of LaBatte, Picard and Best?

I am simply concerned and will watch DT/DE and linebacker. Lots of projects here and very little experience.

I think Shomari is suited better to LB for sure. I read months ago he's losing the weight the previous regime had the kid pack on. If he ends up 230-240 pounds we might see an entirely different player? The extra quickeness will really help on ST.

DB's - we all think we like Russ, but the kid hasn't had that much playing time? It will be interesting to see because I think we'll see changes here? I just don;t know who might lose out?

We'll start getting regular news and info in 2 more days!

With all the LB import cuts a couple of weeks ago, it seems that Sam Hurl will be handed the starting MLB spot.

Sisco has to do something or get released. He’s been hanging around so long showing nothing.

In fairness, he has been on with the club for 1.5 seasons, and was injured for a good half of that. But yes, it is time for him to step up, because if he doesn't I believe Bamba will.

I would be perfectly fine with a 2000 yards on the ground season and only 3500 or so passing. With our OLine, WHY NOT? I hope either this DeShhawn Wynn or Sheets can be our feature 'slice and dice' back. West was okay last year, but I've got higher hopes. I agree that with the LB cuts that either Hurl Williams or McCullough seems like a lock, ( also because of the ratio needed )