posibility expansion

i hate the windsor talk about expansion there i want to see brandon in this expansion talk it would be great for us winnipegers for a rival

neither are getting teams anytime soon. and by anytime soon, I predict never

how big is brandon?

i was in brandon for like 25 mins for a road trip to alberta but from the gas station it looked a fair sized city for a cfl team

If I recall correctly, Brandon has a population somewhere in the range of 45,000 to 50,000 people.....

so....not gonna happen

Although never having been there and from our friends out west, Saskatoon is bigger and far enough from Regina to work? If not there, then where else in the west as we will eventually(hopefully) need a 6th team to balance at 12.

Saskatoon's population hovers just over 200,000, but Regina uses them as a draw for their games, since the drive is only 2 1/2 hours or so. I don't think Saskatoon is a good location for a new team.

Saskatoon will never have one. We don't want one. The Riders are our team.

gone over this before. don't want to again.

Kanga don't even start on this one.

I wonder if Red Deer could support a team ... Alberta does really well with the Esks and Stamps, and I doubt a team in Red Deer would affect them too much. But then again, I'm not really sure how big Red Deer is ... likely not much bigger than Brandon, in any case.

Red Deer's population is somewhere around 80,000, not enough to support a cfl franchise.


Well, really the only Western city that I think could support a CFL team is Saskatoon, and we know that wouldn't work - they're all Rider fans. A team in the BC interior is a nice idea, and there is the fact that x number of people live in an x-km radius, but there has to be a SINGLE CITY with the population base - because I don't see enough people making, say, a 3-hour drive for every football game. (This is why I don't think Moncton would be a better choice than Halifax.) If there do end up being 6 teams in the East - and I maintain, let's get 5 first (and personally, I'd be happy with staying at 10, rather than expanding to 11) - but if we do get 6 teams in the East, at that point, and only at that point, would I suggest putting a team in the NW United States. There's a big NFL void between Seattle, Minnesota and Denver ... Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, Oregon, Wyoming, maybe even Utah and Nebraska ... these are all northern states with no NFL team. The question is, would there be any cities big enough to support a CFL team, and even if so, would the team be supported? Portland and Salt Lake City jump to mind, but my guess is they are already high on the Seahawks and Broncos. Even so, SLC has a population less than 200,000 (excluding suburbs, but I doubt they add much). Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota all have a population less than 1,000,000; Idaho's is only 1.4 million. Still, the biggest problem is: Would Americans support a CFL team? Or has the NFL penetrated even that Seattle-Minnesota-Denver gap? (my guess is it's the latter.)

In an ideal world there would be another western city big enough but the reality is if Windsor got a team ( I dont think it would happen) just put them in the western conference (remember Winnipeg was once in the Eastern Division). Then put Halifax and Quebec City in the Eastern Division. That gives twelve teams and since the teams all play each other the rivalries would develop. After twelve teams no more expansion should be considered. But first lets get a team in Halifax and as a Renegades fan and season ticket holder lets get the Gades attendance over the 22000 mark first.

i dont want to see a team in windsor, or london…they would be fake westen division teams…

what if windsor or london makes the grey cup against…hamilton…thats not a real west vs east matchup.

We all agree how it would be bogus to have a team from Ontario in the "west". Just like for those years when Winnipeg had no choice. I still do not think how either London or Windsor and even if there was a stadium are viable. Which brings us back to the $64,000 question, if and when we need another and 6th team for the west, where do we go?

no clue...thats why i say go to 11 teams asap.....so its that much easier to move to 12 when they figure out a good western spot.....if they are at 10, then they gotta try to add 2, which is twice as much work.

asoon as they get halifax, start working on getting QC in there....by the time QC joins, they may have found a good spot for the west to give pre-season games to.

I think the cfl is currently on the right track in not rushing into expansion.....a 5th team in the east is needed and the east coast looks like a good bet once they get a stadium built out there.....I just cant see a 6th franchise anywhere in the west right now.......the east has more options for more expansion but once you have a 10 team league coast to coast, I think you need to sit back and enjoy it for awhile, also if by some chance the Renegades cant make a go of it, they can always look at relocating them to QC or even Windsor..

not windsor....relocate to QC, so u replace the Als labour-day rival, with a better labour-day rival, in QC.

the als vs gades will not sell-out the BIG O for a labour-day game, aslong as the gades suck....but i think they could sellout the BIG O for a QC vs Als labour-day game nomatter the records of the teams.

Precisely, that's why I am not completely against either Halifax or QC. I can see positives for both. Unfortunately because of the location, Halifax is on its own with no rivalry and the important labour day, T-Giving etc. . QC would appear to have more ups side.