Posey, Sinkfield or Fantuz to replace Saunders and Williams?

Wonder if any of these guys would be available. Fantuz would be a long shot I think.

I’d say no ,no and no .

Posey apparently is trying out with the Bills and if he doesn’t get signed to their practice roster my guess is that if he resigns back in the CFL it will be most likely with Toronto .

Sinkfield has just been signed to the Oakland Raiders practice squad . I’m thinking that if things don’t work out there and he does wind up back in the CFL it will probably be as a Lion .

Fantuz is apparently now retired and honestly I can’t see him being brought back by Jones at this time considering he could’ve re-signed Fantuz for training camp and the start of the season but chose not to as he obviously wasn’t interested in having him as part of his team for this season for whatever reason .

There’s this thing called the practice roster. …and it contains players.

Current available receivers listed on the Ti-Cat Practice roster.....

Bralon Addison 5' 9" 197 lbs Oregon State , American
Justin Buren 5' 11" 195 lbs Simon Fraser , Canadian
Rashad Lawrence 6' 2" 190 lbs Northwestern , American (active for 4 games this season)
Shakeir Ryan 5' 8" 169 lbs Northwestern St , American

We also have the currently AWOL #1 Draft Pick Mark Chapman should he choose to sign with us possibly being available . His current status is unknown as he has not been signed to any NFL teams Practice roster as of this date and time .

Bralon Addison 5’ 9" 197 lbs Oregon, American


Some highlights - note the QB is #3 Vernon Adams.

I saw a video clip in TSN where Dave Naylor claims to have heard rumours that Chapman is waiting to see what may transpire with the new league (NAL?) in January.

Lions express interest in Posey


Bakari Grant is available, isn’t he? I’d love to see him back! What’s the status on shamaud chambers?

Edit* nevermind, out for season

Thanks. Nice clips.

I note the Oregon location for you. Must be easier to get Youtube highlights of Oregon players there.

Yes, we store all those Youtube clips right here in Oregon. ;D


I too don’t believe Fantuz will be back. Just didn’t feel he was used enough even his last year that he played, for what ever reason. Also he is always hurt and probably to slow to get open anymore. I’m sure if he had anything left in him he would have been picked up.

I don’t know. He seemed pretty open to coming back if the situation was right.

I think he didn’t want to move out of Southern Ontario, and since Hamilton and Toronto sign him, he was going to retire.

He also said though that the injury to Ricky Ray was the tipping point for his decision, so maybe not.

Or maybe he just wasn’t interested in playing anymore! He did have some offers but had some other more important “life? events going on. Then the Ricky thing just pushed decision forward.

One good PR.
Wasn’t overly impressive. never had the feeling that he was close to anything.

He fits right in.

Is Ex Cat McDuffie signed anywhere?


looks like McDaniels just got added to the PR

so helpful

Hearing that Sinkfield may have been deleted from practice roster. Maybe come to Tigertown?