Posey Signs With Wally

Now that that ship has sailed …

That ship was never sailing into Hamilton anyways.

no, but that might lead to a better chance for sinkfeild now.

Only problem there is that the Raiders signed Sink to their Practice Roster after he was cut by the Jets.

there's still time?

It’s a possibility I’m thinking that he must be running out of eligibility time in the NFL as a Practice Roster player . Personally if the team and Sink could work something out I would LOVE to see him back in a Ti-Cat uniform .

Maybe it is not a done deal

No deal, no talk:Buono doesn’t have to worry about contracts anymore and Ricky Foley has gone on dabble as an occasion Saskatchewan Roughriders pre-game party host but it is clear a celebrated non-contract involving both is playing into the unfolding scenario around receiver DeVier Posey.
Both 3DownNation and TSN reported that Posey had agreed to terms with the Lions hours before the game Friday. However the Lions weren’t saying anything, mindful of the time Foley did the same thing and did a celebrated u-turn to sign with the Toronto Argonauts.
A B.C. official said Posey had shut off his phone during the Lions game, and there was concern that both the Argos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats hadmade inquiries whether he was interested in playing football east of the Rockies even though he had made a verbal commitment to Hervey.
No signed contract, no announcement, as it should be, for the Lions, but expect word quickly if the deal is completed and registered given the circumstances.

What now? I knew better than to report before getting iron clad confirmation but it seemed like a sure bet anyway… I still think he’ll sign with BC…