Portland or Charlotte Blue Jays

With Rogers losing millions every year (probably more than 50 million this year), how long will it be before they sell this team? No one in Toronto area will buy this money losing team. 1billion for franchise and at least 750 million for a new stadium. More than likely be relocated to the United States but where? Charlotte, Portland or Las Vegas maybe?

Las Vegas Blow Jays!

Vegas yah I like that .

Vegas BJ’s nah to risque and suggestive

Vegas Golden Eagles now that’s gold jerry gold .

I think Rogers will keep them to be honest, don’t know just what I think. They should probably try and get Bell to buy in with some sort of corporate deal that benefits both. It would be a shame for Canada to lose it’s only MLB team IMHO.

Rogers Centre - Skydome - 30 years old today, when it opened that is.

If the Blue Jays leave what would they do to Skydome? Demolish it?

The average MLB team is worth 1.7 billion US .

Not sure Bell would buy in with that amount however a transfer of properties whether sports related or not would work for a billion .

Not even sure there is anyone in Canada with 2 billion that would be interested so I think Rogers is stuck with them and the co branding with Rogers has been worth it despite any correlation with a competitive team . Its not necessary .

However you do realize without the Jays the Argos and the CFL relevancy , media rights and corporate support would probably double overnight in Toronto . Which doesn’t have much of a starting point to double but it does mean the CFL gains in exposure with less competition is a given . Probably would mean opening up the upper deck at BMO .

Prime real estate there is worth so much to lands Canada and the city . The dome was worth a paltry 25 million and keeps going down in value . The hotel sold for more at 34 million .

They lease the land for a song at $900,000 a year till 2088 .

They will most likely replace it with a community building , museum or something that will attract visitors to the big smoke .