Porter's spike

Nice to see some intensity from Porter after sneaking in for the TD.
Too bad he fumbled on the other run, trying to stretch for the goal line.
Must be hard to watch Glenn running the offense from the sidelines.
This is coming from a long time Glenn supporter.

Yea Porter did ok accept for the fumble, but can't blame the guy for making the effort to get into the endzone. Would have been bad if it was a close game but at that point in the game it was no big deal. But I would really like to see Tafralis get some real playing time in the next two games.

Best throw of the year for him

Porter being handed the job last yr. without earning it was the worse thing that could have happened to him.
Watching Glenn's success will only make him hungry and hopefully a good student of the Canadian game.


It would be great if I'm proven wrong, but at this point I don't see Porter having a future here. Glenn is having a great season and isn't long in the tooth. In the chances he's been given Porter still has a first read or run mentality. His deer in the headlights look hasn't faded since last year. Tafralis looks to be a better option right now.

"Tafralis looks to be a better option right now." Based on...? When was the last time he was given any game time, other than 3rd and inches?

I think that he should get some time if the opportunity presents itself. As others have said, we've seen what Porter can do; now let's see Tafralis and see if he can do better. It would be nice to know if he is a viable backup.

Porter being thrown out there was a mistake. Glenn should have been the guy from the get-go last season. He's the more experienced, and better, QB. I think Porter watching Glenn will be a good thing. QBs take a lot of time to develop in the CFL. Just look at how long guys like Dunigan, McManus, Allen and Calvillo went before they became full-time, unquestioned starters and produce.

Who knows if Porter will ever be the guy many (including myself) think he can be. But Glenn is 31, so he doesn't need to go anywhere any time soon. If KG is the QB for the next 5 years, I think we'd all be happy.

Based on how horrible Porter has looked. If Glenn goes down to injury are you confident Porter can lead the Offence?

"If Glenn goes down to injury" there is no one on the team that can lead the Offense. The only team that might be OK without their starter is Montreal.

Edmonton looked pretty good yesterday without Ray. BC is going with their backup out of training camp as was Winnipeg.

Jyles was a starter-in-waiting. In fact, when he was signed he was signed to be the starter. Also, the Bombers are 4-12.

BC doesn't have a proven QB on the roster, so Lulay is, right now, the best of a mediocre bunch. Even if you add Printers, none of them are on Glenn's level. Also, BC is 6-10.

Zabransky did look good yesterday, but Porter has had one or two good games as well. One game does not make for a great QB. Also, Edmonton is 6-10.

I would like to point out, that your examples are from the three worst team in the CFL. Wins, above all else, is what QBs should be measured on. I like all the guys you mentioned, but they will not be leading any team to a Grey Cup this year.

Kinda figured that's where you were coming from. Hence the second part of my post:

While I haven't lost total faith in Porter, I am very disappointed in the lack of development we've seen in him. Or should I say "in the de-development in him"? Two years ago, he looked pretty good in some games; in others, not so much. We didn't see that last year at all, and this year he has definitely gone downhill. Can he recover? Don't know.

But, we haven't seen Tafralis in a game situation at all. Is he ready? Again, we don't know, but I'm guessing the coaches do. Maybe they don't want to make the same mistake with him that they made with Porter, putting him in too early. Personally, I'd like to see them put him in if possible to give him some game experience before we need him. Just had to watch Elliot yesterday to see what happens when your third stringer has to play due to injuries to the other two.

You stated the only team that would be OK without their starter is Montreal. I gave you three examples of teams other than Montreal that are doing OK. That is all.


But they aren't doing OK. They all have losing records. Two of the three will not make the playoffs. I'll leave Zabransky out of this because he's only had one start, but Jyles and Lulay have lost more games than they have won. I guess our definition of OK differs.

Forty two men play the game. Of those three teams are you suggesting they have losing records because of their current QB? The one team in the league without a capable QB will be playing the TiCats in the EDSF.

It is a QB's job to lead. The QB takes the praise when a team wins, and gets the horns when the team loses. The losses do not solely fall on QB, but regardless of what numbers a QB puts up, ultimately, success is decided based on wins and losses. Both Jyles and Lulay (who as I said previous, I like) have not been up to snuff, especially in close games. The Bombers have some ridiculous record like 0-7 in games decided by four points or less. I know all of them don't fall to Jyles (Pierce lost one or two of those games), but most of them do.

The falloff from Glenn to Porter is so great because of how good Keven Glenn is, not how bad Porter has been. Like I said before, Jyles was initially signed to be the starter in Winnipeg. It wasn't until Buck Pierce came available that Jyles became a backup again. Lulay had to beat out Printers and Jackson, not exactly a murderers' row. I get what you're saying, if Glenn goes down the Cats are screwed. I took that to mean that the Cats won't win many games, not that gaudy numbers won't be put up. The "starters" in both BC and Winnipeg went down (Printers and Pierce) and where do the Lions and Bombers currently sit? 4th and 4th.

Also, you say that it's not all on the QB. Fine, I accept that point. Then why, if everything else is equal and the Cats are who they are, will they see some precipitous drop off with Porter in there? If it's not all about the QB (as you say) then the team should be able to still win despite Porter's limitations, no? It seems you're now making the argument that it isn't all about the QB, but also that for the Cats, it is.

My point is the teams in question did not show a measurable drop off in performance with the backup QBs that played this year. The TSN pundits say the Stamps backup is quite talented also. If our backup had to carry the load, based on his overall performance in a TiCat uniform I don’t think we’d be OK. The blue team is the other who doesn’t have a capable backup right now, but they also don’t have a starter. Tafralis deserves a chance to show what he can do.

Porter to me is just like Bauman we haven't seen the real player yet but I see a ton of potential. Its up to the coaches to develop that potential, I think if a talented player isn't developed its as much a coaching fault as a players. Don't forget Glen was dropped by Peg a short while back for bad play and looking like a "deer in the headlights". Thank god somebody ( Obie) saw something in him that other team didn't. :thup:

I hope you're right. When Porter ran out of the tunnel to start last year's home opener I suspected it was too much too soon. Let's also hope we won't have to worry about the competency of our backup this year.