Porter's playing time

Glad to see him for 2nd and short. Thought MB coulda put him in with Cobb and Thigpen for the last 7 mins when we were up 39-21. Two reasons: gives the guy reps at game speed, and the above backfield would ensure an effective, time killing, ball control running game, with passing options too. Missed opportunity?

Well you have to look at the time that the decision was to be made.Right now we know we won and the game isn't in jeprody anymore.At the time the game was still hanging in the balance as the Bomber D was becoming fierce and Jyles was getting a hot hand.It would've been nice for Porter to get some key reps, but it's even nicer that we won.Maybe next game :thup:

in the CFL you dont put you backup Qb in with 7 minutes left if your only winning by 18, way to risky

unless your backup is jyles :wink: