Porters passes have no zip!

Watching Porter tonight the thing I noticed was that his passes had no zip. Our receivers in most cases had their man beat and had to wait on the ball. He floated almost every ball. What gives?

You are right. Something was off with him tonite.

It's not just tonight. I don't think i've seen him throw a deep ball with any zip ever, his deep passes are always lobs.

Ever see Joe Kapp play? Porter's lobs look like bullets! :smiley:

To be fair to Porter, he had virtually no time in the pocket on most of those throws because of the pass rush. If he has a chance to set his feet, I'm sure he can put a lot more zip on those balls. He did float out that nice pass to P-Rod in the first half for a big gain. Touch isn't a problem for him, but hard velocity is, which means he'll be dangerous on the fades and corner routes, but might struggle a bit on the go routes and posts.

I'll have to watch the game again ,but I think it's the oppsite of what you say. At least for the Montreal game.

Really? Maybe the beer is getting to me. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I may also be overstating the 'issue' here. In fact, I think he throws the deep ball fine. To me, he got into a bit of trouble when he had to throw posts or go routes; it's not that he couldn't sling the ball down the field, but his accuracy suffered.

My thoughts exactly...but again with no run threat the defense can drop extra men into coverage and make those deep throws harder to catch, glen was strong throwing the short pass and when the defense stepped up the deep ball was now open.

Porter seems a bit tentative at times. He does throw some floaters and maybe tries to finesse too many passes, but man, the potentials huge on this guy and I think he's in a great position. The coaching staff know they've got something with him and I think will be very patient and instructive. Having someone like Glenn as a mentor/partner is also ideal for a young qb like him. He also seems to have a good attitude so I expect great things from him in the coming years.

Maybe it's just semantics here, but I consider those post patterns as deep routes since they ae long throws on the Canadian field.

Porter had some bad throws tonite, there is no doubt about that.

-receivers aren't getting open
-receivers were dropping the ball
-pocket collapsed a lot on him
-no running game = gunning on passing game
-our play book is too vanilla, we didn't run a screen tonite, we didn't run a flare pass, we didn't have any quick slants or hooks or curls

Porter is looking like a rookie and that's not a bad thing...he does look a little tentative at times. A veteran qb like Calvilo...or Glenn recognize things on pre snap read and read blitz packages quicker...and they just know when to hit their check down man...when the protection is there and players run good routes Porter makes good throws.....it will come with time......I don't buy the questioning the arm thing...

I thought the receivers did a good job of getting open, and I also liked the play selection.

I think the main issue is execution. It'll come. It's still early in the season.

Yeah. the point of the post seemed to be that the receivers are getting open and Porter’s lobs give the dbacks time to make plays on the ball.

I think he needs to release the ball sooner and let the receivers go get it.

Those are deep balls, no question, but what's required of the QB is different on a post route. You need to gun that ball in there without as much hang time on the ball or you give the enemy safety a chance to converge on the ball. This is more of an issue with a speedy safety like Boulay who can make up a lot of ground quickly even if he's beaten on the initial read. IMO Porter was putting too much touch on those post patterns which allowed the Als time to recover. Why he was doing that, I can't really say. He was rushed on a lot of those long throws and seemed to be throwing off his back foot on a few (just my impression). As he gets more comfortable with his reads and reactions, he should be fine. Hopefully he's not injured.