Porter's Arm

Does this guy have the arm strength to deliver the ball over 20 yards?

The "floaters" he's been tossing are driving me crazy as well.

As much as I like this guy, there's still a lot to be desired.

You don't need a rocket arm in the CFL on this field, Ricky Ray can "drop it in the bucket" and Porter will learn to do this on this size field as well. I assume his arm is fine for this, eventually this will work it's way into the game plan. He doesn't have a Dieter Brock arm I'm guessing but that doesn't mean he can't be a no. 1 CFL qb.

It Cause of a hand Injury on his throwing Hand.
He Smash his hand on Helmet a few weeks ago .
Same thing happen to danny a few years back.
The put a Special Sling on it so he could play.
He still getting use to it

Based on the fact that he didn't throw any interceptions against Edmonton, I'd say he's doing fine. :wink:

While that's a good thing, the Esks as a team have zero interceptions so far this season, so that takes the shine off the achievement ever so slightly.

sorry but you are definately wrong there because i just so happen to remember one int. this season and i was there to see it live so i could be called a primary source. chris thompson and tisdale??? ring a bell... oh yea thats right the ti-cats had an I.N.T. now i should think that it has been over 48 hours since the last game and our attention as fans should look to what the ti-cats can do against Sask. and how we can attack them okay???

Dude, when I said the Esks have zero interceptions, I meant their DEFENCE has zero interceptions. As in zero interceptions MADE. Since the context was a thread about Porter's arm and I was quoting a post about the fact Porter hadn't been intercepted by Edmonton, I didn't expect my comment to be interpreted as a claim about the Eskimo QBs. My point was that while Porter avoided being intercepted by Edmonton, every other QB to face Edmonton's defence has been just as successful at not allowing them to intercept the ball.

The plan was to go to a short passing game, partly due to the rain. Bellefeuille said as much. Looked successful to me.

Thanks Cap'n. You beat me to it.
It look to me like ball control is king with the offence right now which means short passes and fewer interceptions. Makes sense with a new offence.
But maybe Onknight is on to something. A hand injury could be a factor too. We are still winning. Doesn't have to be pretty.

I have seen in other games this year that Porter can accurately throw deep balls.

You don't need a rocket arm to play QB anyway. Joe Montana used to say "I don't throw darts at balloons. I throw balloons at darts."

Porter is fine, especially considering the cfl is really lacking qb talent, especially when qb's like Burris and Ray are considered great.

In my experience, I have always felt it's easier to catch a softly thrown ball to the proper location rather than corralling a hard thrown ball to the wrong location.

Think of it like Michael Bishop vs. Anthony Calvillo

I know who I would rather have.

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Yes but Toni has always struggled in the big games when those throwing windows get really small and you need to gun it in there. I'd take a gun slinger like Danny in the big games anyday.

Yes, Danny was a gun slinger. More in the way of the quick release and the fact he was willing to take chances. I don’t think he had the biggst arm. And let’s face it the guy threw a TON of picks.

THATS the point he is getting rec killed on short passes because of late release :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: