Its hard to believe but Porter is whinning to the Portland press Harold that he wants more playing time. The poor lad, only threw for 10-21 for a total of 148 yds. and 1 touchdown in 2010.
The guy has got to be kidding?
Porter better come loaded for training camp. He will be lucky to keep his #2 spot with Trafalis throwing for 58% compared to porters lack luster 47.6%.
Someone needs to explain to Porter that playing time is earned once your a Pro.


Do you have a link or any quotes?

I just read an article about Khari Jones commenting on Porters comments. I will see if I can find it.
Here is one.
Quote from Quinton Porter Portland Press 3 wks. ago.


I need more chances to start. I can't get these yrs. back.


Is this it?

Ticats’ Jones downplays potential QB controversy

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/01/05/ticats-jones-downplays-potential-qb-controversy/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/01/ ... ntroversy/[/url]

I agree with Jones that Porter's comments are no big deal. Every backup QB should want to be the starter.

On a different topic, I liked this comment by Jones from the same article:

My philosophy will come out during the season through our players.

Read more: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2011/01/ ... z1AKCApGnN

No that is not the article. Nice to see KJ giving the politically correct answer. Nice to see he won't be pressured into giving quinton playing time just cause he wants it. Quinton will have to wait and earn his time which is what I always believed was the best way to go about it.
I still say Trafalis will give QP a run for the #2 spot this yr. Especially if QP comes out like last yr.


Porter had his Chance and Failed Time to cut ties

Bring Adam up to #2 and Jason to #3 and bring an Another QB for the Practice

Porter can't read Defences He Runs more then Throws

Time for him to go

Would Bob Youngs team set itself up for the Bigest Blunder in Canadian Football history?

Cut Porter loose and he will win the G.C. with a better team! Probably the Argos

I imagine our new OC and recent QB coach Khari Jones will have some say on Porter's future in Hamilton. Glenn has thrived under Khari's tutelage, but I've never heard Khari indicate he thinks Porter is on thin ice or has disappointed or has a limited future. It will be an interesting spring and training camp.

Any QB thats been backing up that doesn't publicly state he wants to start and who doesn't recognize his time is running out should be cut ASAP. Good on him and bad on those that call him a whiner and worse

its a tough situation for teams and the backups. teams invest for two to five years but these guys but they aren't worth a dime on the trade market... So teams keep them as hostage...

AKT, ready to defend Porter again I see. Like I said in an earlier post , he better come to training camp loaded for bear in 2011, or Trafalis will be getting the #2 spot.


Oh, I'd rephrase that by deleting the words "publicly state".

Sure, any backup QB worth his weight should want to start. . .it's the going public with it that is a no-no.

I'd be willing to wager that you'd be wrong on both counts.

Whether its good that he went public is open for debate. I don't see a problem with it nor did the Kevin Glenn supporters 2 seasons ago when Glenn said he needed to start

He did nothing wrong. He wants to start and thinks with consistent starts, he will develop and become a good QB. every back should want to start, otherwise they need to find a new career.

Especialy when you see how poorly Lefors and Lemon did, you can’t blame him or McPherson for thinking the way they do.

I don't see why people are down on Porter. I'm not a fan of his, but all he did was express the desire to play while he's still in his physical prime. What QB wouldn't want the opportunity? He didn't trash his coach, Glenn, or management. He just wants to play. And like Hfx said, looking around the league at those who have gotten chances to start (Lemon, LeFors), it's hard to blame him.

sadly many feel that running any opposition to their guy is helpful. I'm not a fan of Glenn's but its not about Porter. I think we need to be better at QB and I have no idea if Porter is the guy but do know Glenn isn't. Adam could be the guy or somebody else, I don't care.

You forgot to include Porter in your list of "those who have gotten chances to start". There's nothing wrong with Porter wanting to play, but I don't think he's our best option. So while I hope the Cats will get chances to put him into games we have in hand, I don't think you should be the starter.

Yeah, those 33 TD passes Glenn threw last year were a nightmare. :roll: