I know alot of people think porter should start every game unless he really stinks up the joint,but i think if he spent 1 whole game watching glenn from start to finish it would do more good then bad.
as long as marcel lets it be known early its only for 1 game whats the worst that could happen?

Couldn't agree with you more

I second that

I think SSK would classify as on game... he was in for what? 5 throws?

I'm looking at this guy and i don't see a winner. he plays not to lose games instead of trying to win them. it's been 7 games already and he's been pulled in 3 of 7 of them. with our receivers wouldn't it benefit us more having a veteran qb to get these guys their touches? what's the harm starting glenn?

Isn’t this more of a terrible offensive coordinator?

We have see QP light it up before. I think our offensive schemes aren’t built to win game but rather not lose games.

The QB can only do what he is asked. He is asked to be conservative. Short pass plays, try to establish the run, etc is what the game plan is.

If Kevin Glenn is soooooooooooooooo much better, how come he hasn’t lit it up when he has come in? He has moved the ball well.

We have not blown anyone out yet because that’s our offense. We aren’t designed to do that.

I think glenn has lit it up out there,lood at th TD to arland bruce when was the last time porter did that? i remember last year he did it alot,but i can only remember a few times so fare this year.

Mr. Porter if you start playing like a starter you might get paid like one, with your inconsistent play you will cost us a playoff spot, I would like to know another starter that gets pulled half the time and I'll show you a team out of the playoffs. Take a seat pal

I think that he just can't read the play as it's unfolding. How many times have we seen 2 or 3 receivers wide open and Porter throws an incompletion or a screen pass for 3 yards. Or even worse when the hesitation causes a sack.

I'll be one of the few fans to say I am not sold on him nor am I a huge fan. Outside 1 Als game a maybe 1 game if he is lucky has he shown he is capable to start. He is only 2 yrs longer then Glenn by the time he is developed he will be washed up as some fans have suggested of a 29 yr old Glenn. The offense play calling is similar to last year so no need to blame the OC for his poor showing. I guess time will tell if he is the real deal or not but he defiantly doesn't have myself sold. Not sure if he gives the best chance to win. I for one would prefer Glenn.

It doesnt really make sence to me,shouldnt the best player start?so far Glenn has been the best in my opinion,I think MB is going to have a split locker room before the end of the season,because even if every one is team players they still want to win and I think Glenn gives us a much better chance to do that.

Kevin Glenn is not the answer to the Cats offense. A new offensive scheme is. Porter is the future, Glenn is not. If the team gives up on Porter I am willing to bet we will have a repeat of Anthony Calvillo. Run out of town for no good reason and star player for a new organization. QBs are projects. The reason we've not had a good QB developed within or organization for decades is that too many people have lost sight of that fact and given the projects no time to bear fruit. Porter has actually played well most games and the only way he'll get better is if he plays. So far he has not cost the team any wins so why are people thinking Glenn is some sort of savior. The only problem I have with the process is the play calling from the bench really puts the QB with a poor chance of success since they never stretch the field.

People seem to forget that in the 3 wins that Porter has this year, he has done enough to get the job done.

Sure, he hasnt put up Cavillo numbers, but has shown excellent character in coming up with the finishing drives to win games. For a second year QB in the CFL. I say hes done a great job.

Im not going to throw him under the bus, just because he had a bad first quarter last game. For him, this is a learning process in the CFL and Im glad we have another QB like Glenn to rotate with if he has a rough outing.

I don't believe know one wants to throw Mr.Porter under the bus but this team can't afford to miss the playoffs again waiting for him to develop they have to start winning now to keep the fan interest up.Quinton getting pulled out of half of the games there not going to make the playoff ,if they pull him in Edmonton they have to let Kevin Glenn have a shot at it on labour day.There are know guarantees he will ever develop into a good quarterback but I hope I'm wrong, with his history of injuries he is probably older than Kevin Glenn as far as football age goes.Anthony Cavillo was a back-up when he arrived in Montreal so sit back Quinton and take note. Good luck in Edmonton Quinton prove me wrong

-Sitting Porter and giving Glenn a start is NOT giving up on Porter.
-Giving glenn the starter’s job is NOT giving up on Porter.
-Porter, in my opinion, has potentially cost us games this season. (Toronto and possibly Montreal) both winnable.
-Porter, in my opinion, has done little to win games for us. The wins against BC can be attributed to a certain Mr. Cobb and the win against Edmonton can be attributed to the weather and a solid defence.
-Porter has not played bad but he has not played great either.

  • Glenn may not be the starter but, given his experience and what he has done up until now, he deserves a start.
  • Whether Glenn is the future or the present will be decided once he is given a chance. For those who say he is NOT the future, I would like to know how they come to that conclusion without ever giving him a chance.

I think there starting Porter because if they started Glenn and something happened to him(injury,zero production) and Porter was all they could go to the coaches no we'd be screwed, so they let Porter start and keep Glenn in the savior role.

I agree that starting Glenn for a game is not giving up on Porter. To say that Glenn could have done better against Montreal and Toronto if he started, who knows?

To say that Porter has done little to win games against B.C, and Edmonton is not true. He may not have had the TD pass numbers. But he put drives together, especially late in the games to put the Cats ahead. He also had rushing TDs. I would say he contributed a lot to those wins!

Anyway Glenn, didn`t exactly light the house on fire in the 2nd quarter last week. Even though they had a great 3rd quarter, they could not convert a 2nd down.

All in all, I`m happy to have both QBs alternating until one can prove to be the starter. To be 4-3 at this point is pretty good.

it doesnt hurt for them to give glenn a start... porter is in his second year... a lot of guys dont get to become the starter right away like he did... and for his limited experience his record and stats are pretty good..

when teams see a future franchise qb they usually let him stay behind a vet for a year or 2 before they hand the team over... glenn may not lead you to a grey cup, but maybe he will... he most likely wouldve had a cup two years ago if not for breaking his arm.. it doesnt hurt to try him... if he doesnt work out any better you lose nothing... porter goes back in... it wont affect porters progression if anything it will help him to observe the game from the side every now and then.

I respectfully disagree with each and every point although I do agree Cobb was one of several factors against BC and the defense played well against Edmonton

Fair enough AKT but I don't see your reasoning that giving Glenn a start is giving up on Porter. Why is it an all-or-nothing situation? Why is it that if he doesn't start they give up on him. Should the Ticats cut him because they don't start him? I really don't get that rationale. Should the Ticats cut Terry Caulley if he does not take over the starting running back from Cobb? Should they cut Cobb if he loses the job to Caulley or KK.
Very few rookie QBs come in and are starters in their first year. Porter has lots of up side and he should eventually be a starter. It could be this year, could be next year but it might not be until two years from now. In the meantime, Glenn deserves a shot at it.
As far as him costing us games. It's hard to say what would have happened in a game and it's never the fault of one player, but a QB certainly is a key player in any game. The slow start in the game against Toronto was a killer. Just one solid drive in the first quarter would have made a big difference. Toronto should never have won that game.
Is it part of a learning experience, you bet. I'm just not sure all the learning experience should be during games.
In addition, I'm a little concerned about how other teams are progressing. Bishop and the Bombers looked pretty good this weekend, and Toronto are beginning to show signs of turning around their season. Without significant improvement, the second half of the season could get ugly if Porter doesn't start putting together some good games, going a little deeper and putting points on the board.