Porter wants to keep starting !!

Equal time, no? LOL

The "Tafralis wants to start !!" thread can wait, but I digress.

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LOL I actually think Tafralis could challenge Porter for the job, but Marcel bellefeuille seems to be dead set on porter being the starter.
even last year i remember reading a story about how much he fought to keep him in hamilton.
He said that he see's something in him,and dont get me wrong I like porter alot,but bellefeuille seems to set on him and i think he is over looking other guys sometimes.
Ohwell though I am confident that porter will be great in this league so no worries

Marcel does realize that there are times where porter is not doing anything and we have seen him pull porter to put KG in there. so you cant say he isnt doing what is needed to win

Marcel does realize that there are times where porter is not doing anything and we have seen him pull porter to put KG in there. so you cant say he isnt doing what is needed to win

yes but he always goes back to porter

It's his tendency. Remember, this is a man who was OC when Nealon Greene was starting in Saskatchewan, and they traded Glenn and and really didn't pursue Burris when he left for Calgary....because they were comfortable with Greene.

Oh ya, and that offence where a QB throws a 6 yard pass to a guy standing still (especially on 2nd and 10), and that ONE running play - he perfected those while with the Riders.

I'm just sayin'.....

I'm ok with him starting Porter as long as he is willing to pull him and bring in Glenn when he needs to.

I would have like to see Tafralis play against the riders in the 3rd glenn and porter were both sucking in the 1st half anyway

It's time they just gave up on Porter for this year and go with Glenn the rest of the way. You go with the guy who gives you the best chance to win and Porter will still learn lots from the sideline, probably more imo.

Team moral goes out the window when you flip flop qb's, the offence needs a constant starter and if they dont feel comfortable telling Porter you're are guy no matter what happens then get him the hell out of there, it's like developing Porter is top priority over winning games, it's a joke.

We would have lost 44-0 if they did that.

no way

I do like porter and i think the biggest problem is that we rarely go long,i dont know if this is because they dont call the long pass plays or because porter cant throw long passes with his thumb?

Is porter injured or not and why does he wear that brace on his hand, we've seen him have trouble griping the ball and the water bottle. We can all remember them keep putting Mass in the game with the bum shoulder over and over and that sure was one of the strangest games Ive seen the Cats play in many years. :? :? Aren't the fans entitled to some explanation after such a strange showing.

Glenn has played well when he has come in. Porter has played well too.

What limits either from being a great, successful QB for the Cats is our offensive structure. We have an OC who has stolen the playbook from the previous coordinators.

We don't go down field because our offense isn't designed to do that. Our receivers aren't getting the speparation needed to stretch the field. We abandon the running game after a half dozen attempts.

Honestly, I don't know how we have won 4 games with our offense. The last 2 weeks we have tried to run a receiver screen and a RB screen with no success. The problem is that we aren't setting any plays up.

We have 2 formations, a spread and a bunch with a single tailback. We surprise no one.

Winnipeg didn't need to send a scout to see us because we have run the same stupid plays the last 5 years.

We are more talented this year, which is why we are winning but our game offensive game plan sucks.

Ive never heard porter or marcel talk about him being injured,but danny mac said he was a few weeks ago on the ti-cat show,but i ant remember what the injurey is called,its something torn in his thumb,and danny said that he had the same injurey when he played and had to miss 3 or 4 games.
but it makes you wonder how bad it is after a start like that.
he played good against edmonton but i dont recall any long balls in that game either.

I think Marcel gave his most pithy explanation to TSN just before the third quarter: the first half was a total lack of execution in the fundamentals. Good enough for my nod!

As for teams telling their fans EVERYTHING about injuries, I support Belichick 101: Mammal has boo-boo north or south of wasteband. Severity? Surmise when the lists come out.

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I don't know of any QB who can throw long passes with their thumb.
Can you name 1 ?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

lol touche
lol i meant because his thumb is injured lol

Great post.

Regardless of whether Porter or Glenn plays, the QB is only going to be as effective as Gibson's schemes and formations. Which is to say, not very.

If Porter is the guy going forward, then Bellefeuille needs to let him play 60 minutes even when he's struggling, and have Gibson refine the playbook to include a little more misdirection via pre-snap motion and formation. Right now, it's very easy to see what the Cats are doing on offense prior to the snap. Give your receivers a little help by running plays designed to create separation for them by rubs and picks, rather than asking them to beat their cover men cleanly play after play after play.

Dunigan also mentioned during halftime on Sunday that Porter hurt his thumb in training camp.