Porter vs. Glenn / Talafaris vs. Boltus

Want to see everyone's thoughts.....Is Glenn sneaking his way into the starter role? And who is gonna win the battle for 3rd String Adam or Jason?

I'll take Porter in a heartbeat and Adam over Boltus because Boltus is not ready, defences will destroy him if they study film on him.

Boltus is a long term project who they'll probably hide on the injury list or practise squad

I really don't think any of the 4 QB's made a strong statement in Winterpeg. If this is truely a competition nobody took any giant steps towards the starter role or the #3 role. Hopefullt Tues will see a bit more production by the offense

Remember that it was only preseason. Winnipeg looked like Grey Cup champs the way they were moving the ball.

We have been 2-0 in the preseason the last 4 years and look how well the season turned out.

Take nothing of the preseason. You aren't playing your regular starters and the emotion and competitive juices aren't flowing so much as trying to work out the kinks in live game action.

So Porter didn't look so good. So what? Maas and Printers and Chang all looked good in preseason games.

I know it's frustrating to see because we haven't had football since February but like I have said in many other posts, please be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

I assume that was directed my way. I didn't say I was disappointed, I said no QB made a statement.

I was listening to the game on the radio at work, so I found it a little difficult to really get a sense of who may have performed best. Overall, I don't think any of the QBs showed that well, but they were all put into different circumstances, with only playing 1 quarter.

Glenn started the game, and played into the wind against what appeared to be pretty close to Winnipeg's starting lineup, while it was a mish-mash of rooks and vets playing for Hamilton. It sounded like he had some incomplete passes because of timing issues, and not being on the same page with the receivers.

Porter played with the wind, and as with Glenn against more veterens. He had some success, but couldn't put together any significant drives.

Trafalis played with the wind in the third, and had a little more success, but I attribute this in large part to the fact that now Winnipeg had fewer starters on the field. The offence also ran the ball a bit more to see how Cobb could do.

Boltus played against the wind in the fourth quarter, and faired OK. He was given good field position thanks to some special team blunders by Winnipeg. Again is is difficult to tell over the radio, but I sensed he performed typically as a rookie CFL QB.

The fact is, it is tough to evaluate 4 QBs in one game, particularly when the conditions are not the same for each. Overall, none played too poorly, and none played that well.


What you missed is him rolling out of the pocket way to early on a lot of plays then over throwing receivers on the run, also there was a play where the slot ran a corner route to the end zone and the receiver ran a 10 yard in, the slot was doubled, the receiver left wide open yet Boltus threw to the slot. The guy has lots of learning to do, but he does seem to have a good arm, he just has a lot of film studying to do.

on the fan 590 obie said this morning on football friday that boltus had played the best fo the 4, but did say that glenn didn't have much time in the 1st qtr because of penalties and so forth. boltus also had the most success at the black and gold game in my opinion

I don't know what you were listening to but i heard the same interview and could swear he said Porter looked the best of the 4.

sorry i could've swore that he said boltus but he did say porter . i apologize. sometimes i find that obie's hard to make out on the radio

I agree. Fans may be looking for long drives, big plays and touchdowns but the coaches are looking at the finer points. The coaching staff has their agenda and are not necessarily looking for a win. A win would be nice to set the tone but they want to see certain situations play out. I don't think we can judge any QB on preseason stats. My football knowledge is not that well developed to know the technical things to look for in a QB. I'm just a fan and want to see those things I mentioned above. However, I didn't expect to see any of them in a preseason game.

Porter is going to be the man under center. Glenn is good insurance. Tafralis has intangibles that I like, there's just something about him that makes me think he's going to contribute one day. I haven't seen Boltus but it seems his upside is off the charts. The 'Cats are finally solid at QB...now all they need is time to throw...

Porter will start but the coaches will not hesitate to put Glen in in a second. I suspect we will see more of Glen than most here expect, but Porter will be the starter for at least the first few games. If he performs well, the starter's role will be his, if not, Glen could take over early in the season with Porter backing him up.