Porter To Start On Friday !!

8) According to Drew Edwards, Marcel announced after practice today, that Quinton Porter will
 be the starting QB on Friday night !!

Let the latest round of arguements now start !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well, let me update my Porter-Glenn Repository thread first. LOL :wink:

I knew it !!!!!

It was either going to be Glenn or Porter.....!!!!!!!

I was right!.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....it was one of those two! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



:lol: :wink: :twisted:


(just funnin' ya Tipper!)

Love those exclamation marks (I know they bother some)...but you're good in my books Tipper........ :rockin:

I'm fine with the decision. Glenn's play was OK at best in the past two games. On Labour Day he had the benefit of countless turnovers and unbelievable field position, and more often than not had to settle for field goals. Last week, without those gifts, we mostly had to settle for punts. And in both games, had the Argo defenders not had hands of stone, we could have seen a lot more interceptions.

I'm not down on Glenn ... just saying that he hasn't done enough yet to win the starter's role outright. I'm curious to see how Porter will do (albeit against a much stronger team). But if there's one thing I hope he picked up from watching Glenn, it's the fact that going deep every once in a while can be a good thing.

Here is hoping Porter is 100% healed and able to play.

He looked healthy last Friday. The brace was off his hand, and he seemed pretty mobile. I suspect the only reason he didn't start last Friday or came in the game in relief was the lack of reps in practice this week. He's probably getting a real work out this week..

Porter won't last a half vs The Stamps .. :cry:
This is a Mistake Will see Glen I sure of it

8) What a spoil sport you are Tom :wink:
 Always someone there to rain on the parade !!

 Speaking of rain, forecast says 40% chance of showers on Friday.     <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->

Sorry Porter been lucky
He has Won'vs Week Teams this year.
The Stamps are the Grey cup Champs ..
If he don't move them early he'll get the hook ..

If porter beats the Stamps I'll Support him from now on .
But Glen is our best chance to win

I’d say now that your reason is being outweighed by your emotions. I’m going to hold you the support Porter statement even if he looks bad in a winning cause

oh ye of little faith ... let's not forget that LAST YEAR Porter in one of his first starts WON against Montreal! Yes it was a fluke but we WON ... it was one of our 3 wins last year. We beat them resoundingly.

Unfortuantely I won't be at the game ... or the next 3 as I'm on a business trip to the Far EAST ... I'll be watching the games while eating my breakfast!

Not a good decision by Bellefeuille. Porter is going to get crushed by Calgary.

I don't like this at all glenn is the cats best chance at winning now

"But Glen is our best chance to win"

Actually, everyone executing their assignments correctly (including the kicker), catching and hanging on to the ball and the coaches designing a good game plan and calling the right plays is our best chance to win........

........having said that, Porter seems to be able to deliver the ball and sprint for positive yardage better than Glenn right about now......Glenn seems to panic and lose all sense of things when under any pressure whatsoever.........but that's just my uneducated opinion....... 8)

Glenn has done nothing to solidify his postion. Both QB’s give us a chance to win and there is precious little separating their abilities to win. Winning the game is in the hands of the defense and special teams no matter who starts at QB. Our offense is anemic and it isn’t because of the QB.

So Glenn is our best chance? Lets look at their records...

Porter 3 wins 2 losses
Glenn 2 wins 3 losses

That tells me what I want to know....

but glenn came and lead us back from a 23-0 halftime defecit in saskatchewan and we almost won that game but I know what you mean

How does Glenn have 3 losses?

Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Toronto...

I doesnt matter if Porter starts: if he's good, he stays in,if not, Glenn is available. No argument here.