Porter to start monday



Sorry but I don't like this call at all
If we miss the Playoffs or have to go to Winnipeg
This won't be good ..

Glen should be starting and If our head coach can't see this he is blind..

I think you’re blind. You haven’t picked up on the fact that GLENN has two n’s. NOT 1! Not GLEN! GLENN!

As long as there's a short leash. If he's struggling in the 3rd quarter...YANK HIM!

3rd quarter? Heck, I'd pull him in the 3rd minute.

An Argo-Cat fan

3rd Quater is too late porter has bad Habbit of Slow Starts ..
He need to pulled after 1st quarter if he not moving the Team

Well I'm prepared for another close game but ultimately a loss. Slow start, can't score in the red zone, safe but ultimately boring plays, lots of movement between our 30 yrd line and theirs but no TDs. Folks those playoff dreams are fading fast.
For all of you who make fun of Winnipeg's crazy coach, be prepared to eat your words.
I hope I'm wrong but I'm afraid I'm not.

How can Marcel possibly be thinking of starting Porter after the fiasco last game?

He clearly has a lot to learn still. But, no...if he doesn't start it will bruise his precious ego.

Just because Porter isn't starting, doesn't mean he's being run out of town.
It's so obvious he's not ready.
Seems Marcel is fixated on the "Porter Project" ahead of trying to win games.
I think he'll be damaged more by starting and failing than going in when he's ready, like in a year or 2 if that's what it takes. We have a capable veteran QB in Glenn who can also act as a mentor.
EIther Obie should step in, unless he's drunk the Porter koolaid as well.

I really think that we are far better off with QP starting, and with Glenn as our fall back position, then the other way around. Glenn is a much better option off the bench.

I'm glad Porter's starting. It shows to me that MB and Obie have a plan to build a team, and aren't ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.

If Glenn had played better and got a few more wins when he had the chance, I could see the argument. To me, Glenn hasn't been any better than Porter, so I don't see the upside of benching the guy we're trying to develop for a guy who has already developed as far as he can go.

This is the kind of leadership that's been missing in the franchise for so long....

I guess Obie does drink the koolaid, as he spoke at half time of the Mac game on CHML, he seemed fine with the decision to start Porter. Funny how after reading these posts I cant imagine why Bob Young hired MB and Obie, when so many fricken experts live right here in Hamilton !!!!!

Hopefully the Ticat braintrust's decision
about who we should start at QB works out.

Marcel has been driven to distraction
by all the controversy about this.

Here is what Marcel says in an interview
with the Spec beat reporter Drew Edwards.

Make no mistake, Quinton Porter is the man.

Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille made a strong
statement in support of his young pivot yesterday,

naming Porter as the starter Monday - and potentially beyond.

"I've been consistent since coming out
of training camp that he's our quarterback.

Kevin [Glenn] is here if Quinton's injured
or if he's not doing the job for us,"

Bellefeuille said.

Today, Marcel says..'Make no mistake, Quinton Porter is the man.'

and he almost said he will start the rest of the year, didn't he folks?

What he said below on Tuesday, is a lot different, isn't it folks?

"I don't think I have to announce the quarterback every week.

Quinton is quarterback. That's the reality and that hasn't changed."


Will Quinton Porter be the starting
quarterback Monday against Winnipeg?


We'll do what we do every week, we'll sit down
and have our personnel meetings and make a decision.

I would have no problem playing him again

but there's a process we'll go through with the coaching staff

over the next couple of days to evaluate every position.

I'm not dodging the question but I don't want to deviate from that process.

But again, I would have no problem playing him again.

There Marcel put the same conditions on Quinton starting
as he has done every week that he was healthy all season.

That speech which Marcel continually gives makes us fans get rangy.

Why does he give it?

Drew Edwards explains why he gives it 2 days ago.

"Marcel is a smart guy who chooses his words carefully but is usually subtly trying to get a message across.

I think there's a few coded clues in his answers.

...so he always has an out.

Marcel says below that Quinton has been our starting QB all year
without conditions attached except for injuries, isn't he folks?

Porter has started 10 games this season, with the Ticats winning five of them.

Glenn has started three games

  • all while Porter recovered from a knee injury and went 1-2.

He has relieved Porter four times.

"From time to time we haven't named a guy
because of injury and not wanting to tip our hand

but at this point Quinton's healthy
so he's our quarterback," Bellefeuille.

Its a forum!! People should question the coaches and share their opinions..what do you want? Censorship? Dictatorship? Give me a break..

Overall, a mistake IMO. Porter cant score in the red zone, its been a problem all year not just recently.

Please don't forget that Glenn was the QB on Labour Day when we were constantly stopped inside the 5.

I don't think it's a QB issue. I think it's more of a play calling issue.

I disagree with the decision, but i still think we'll get a win here. I think Glenn is the guy to go with for the rest of the year, but again... we have to support Quinton regardless of how many things I throw, or obscenities i yell. Hes our future whether we like it or not. Now lets cheer him to a win.

Bellefeuille has named Porter his starter QB and seems to insist on staying the course. I thought that if there was a time for him to name Glenn as the starter, I thought this was it. Based on what I have seen and heard, it seemed like the time might have been right to have Glenn start.

The last time we played the spies, Porter started, and was replaced by Glenn after the first half. Will Porter be on a short leash again? He might have to be. This game is a must-win.

Id swear Kevin Glenn was the second coming of Doug Flutie reading this forum.
Kevin Glenn is a great back up and will help us get to the next level.

Even Glenn knows his roll even if some fans think different,

Repeat after me
Porter Starts Glenn backs up, Porter starts Glenn backs up !! This really is the right way to build OUR own team something we as TiCat fans havent seen .. we are still rebuilding and I wished more believed in the process.

Repeat after me Porter starts no playoffs. Porter starts no playoffs.
I wish some fans on here would realize that, unlike all other CFL teams, the Ticats HAVE to make the playoffs this year or risk further loss of a very weak fan base.

So by extension...you're saying that Glenn, with his 1-2 record as a starter this season..will for sure make the playoffs?

I am saying that if we started Glenn all year and brought Porter along like every other CFL team brings along their rookie QBs, we would not be fighting for a playoff berth this Monday. If Glenn had of taken first team reps all year, yes, he would have won more games than Porter. No question about it. Knowing your receivers, building up a relationship with them makes a big difference. Don't forget Glenn has not been getting starter's reps very often.