Porter to Start Friday

According to the Ti-Cats Porter is getting the nod once again on Friday.


good, and then IF he struggles, Glenn's there after carefully studying the D and preparing with Coach Gibson and Jones on how to attack it and he'll be 100% refreshed too. Also Porter gets his game experience, so it's a win-win. GO CATS GO!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

just what i was afraid of - the coaches are fixed on Porter being the starter and will not do what's best for the team to get a win. Glenn has proven that he should be the starter or, at least, deserves to start. This is very disconcerting development. It's not that I don't like Porter, but it's clear to almost everyone but the coaching staff that Porter is not yet ready to start.


The coaches have also shown they're "fixed" on pulling Porter when they see something they don't like so the above accusation is moronic.

Play Porter - make the leash shorter.

(if need be)

I think that Porter should be watching this game from the sidelines.

I think he really needs to see what a veteran QB can do.

I think, given some time, Porter will be a much better QB than Glenn. We have to remember that Porter has only started 9/10 games and it doesn't all come together at once.

Ok then what. Say Glenn messes up because he doesnt know what to expect from the BC defense. Then we throw in Porter. But guess what? Same thing hes been doing the past couple games, getting yardage but no TD's, oh darn we lose. This way, Porter get's his chance early while Glenn sits and studies the D and prepares with Coach Jones and Gibson on how to properly attack it. Porter may be fine, but if he's not, Glenn's rested, ready to go and has figured out the weakness in the D and how to exploit it fully.

Except against BC in BC, no?

Is Porter ready to backup Glenn if he falters?

With all due respect, one can argue that Glenn is playing better than Porter without the implication that Porter should be bubblewrapped and filed next to Marcel on the sideline. He CAN start, he isn't passing for TDs or completing enough drives for majors. It's a production issue.

Good Glenn can start. Bad "Pick-Six" Glenn, not so much. Problem is, one guy. LOL

I don't have a problem with Glenn starting as long as Porter gets meaningful reps. He will "learn" from Glenn more in the film room with Kevin and the practice field than on the sideline. Reps mean more than watching. If Glenn struggles, hook also applies.

There is this assumption that it's blind sabotage if a staff makes a commitment to a young starter and tries to see it through. AT LEAST THERE IS A PLAN IN CHALK-OUTLINE. LOL

I would give Porter one more start to turn things around, if not, Glenn should start if his play warrants that. The luxury is that we have at least two decent QBs who can play at this level, three if we include "Irondive" Tafralis.

Oski Wee Wee,

Good decision, assuming that Porter is put on a short leash. If by the end of the 1st quarter he is faltering, I say put in Glenn even if it's that early. Glenn is a great guy to have come in off the bench after he's studied the defence fromt he sidelines. But as a starter, I feel, for now anyways, that the difference between Porter and Glenn is being overblown.

Oh, and the Tiger-Cats are on Twitter? Jesus murphy, the age we live in...

Porter's record against BC this season is 1-0

Nuff said!!!

Short memories, eh?

Ralph Sazio tweeting after a game...

Thankfully, time machines are NOT functional. LOL

Hmmm....what do Kelly and MB have in common?

Both were born with a full head of operational follicles?

The noodle-arm measure disqualifies Porter, so try again. By about 50-100 yards a game, playing roughly a half less per game than LeFarce. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Marcel's "issues" dwarf those of Kelly. Less root canal needed to remove laces. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


EDIT: are dwarfed by* LOL My bad.

Kelly has got to reconfigure an offense that pulled off the worst good-weather offensive performance in my memory, even making the Dicken-Bankhead Cat QB tandem of 2000 seem like Montana and Young in comparison.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm with the SHORT LEASH crowd ... the staff is not about to ABANDON the good ship Porter this early into the voyage ... nor should they. BUT, I would hope the staff doesn't hesitate to replace him if he CONTINUES to struggle with his deep ball.

Quinton has shown he is worth the EFFORT, and PATIENCE - however, he has also shown some weaknesses that can't be ignored.


I'm sure Marcel is capable of making the call re: a qb switch. If he didn't think that Porter was capable of starting, he wouldn't start him. Myself, I think he's gonna be a good un. He has a good arm, good feet, he's a good leader and when he starts to make better reads (which he will with experience), he will dominate...IMO... :cowboy:

I believe Porter should start again. He needs to try and continue to improve. Hopefully he will have a breakout game at some point, and all this non-sense will be put to bed.

Now is the time to be doing this, early in the year and against an opponent he has already faced.

As far as putting him on a short leash goes, I also agree. If the ofense is not productive and starts falling behind, bring Glenn into the game. I think they may have waited a little long in the Montreal game. Had Glenn come in sooner and moved the ball well, the game may have been closer. By the time he got into the game, it was a little late for a comeback.




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