Porter, Siskowic Named CFL Players of the Week

Both of these guys played great Saturday lets hope they can keep it up Congrade boys

good for them, they deserved it. siskowic played solid at mlb, but if hes at mlb next game, where does that leave CA>?

At End like last game. They pretty much used him as a hybrid between DE and MLB in a 3 - 4 Defence.

Good for them!! Congrats to both of them.

Zeke who?

Give it a rest. His one great game doesn't change the fact we TRADED an ALL-STAR for NOTHING.

Technically as of right now we have traded moreno for nothing. But it could end up being a pretty good deal. Corey Mace is in his second year on the bills practice roster....so i think he has to be Released/Traded/Activated by the end of the this season because i know there is only a certain amount of time a player can be on a teams practice roster...im just not exactly sure what the limit is......But who knows we could eventually get Mace and he could be a legit 10 sack guy.....

but enough of that.....congrats to Quinton Porter and Cameron Siskowic :thup:

Honourable mention to Big Play Prechae as well. :thup:

And Winterpegs 1st choice which might be #2 overall.......if we can pass them!

Good for them..

3 year limit on PR list. Typically, unless they are grooming a QB or OL players don’t see a third year.

Wait till the Printers fan club hear about Porter getting Player of the week. They will not be too happy. After all, Printers is the TiCat starting QB! lol Awesome performance. Siskowic; saw him at training camp and he is a tank with speed. Great attitude, great team player, a new leader?

congrats to both of them. Porter looked great and zekes replacement has already been replaced!

Wow, Moreno...umm, I mean, Siscowicz really dominated!

(sound of Obie laughing in the background)

WOW... just wow

It has to be tough, this one man/woman troll parade

Congrats to both, well earned

This is where your wrong. The Printer fans are happy how well Porter did and loved the win.
it's fans like yourself that relish in a win for the simple fact that you hate Printers and want to
rub it in. I'm not calling for Printers to start next week. Porter earned it. There is more than
one player on a team and more than one QB. To say that the Printers fans will not be happy
with a Ti-cat QB getting player of the week is, quite frankly "weak" on your part. Last time
i looked, Printers still wears Black & Gold.

ya, he sure took taman on that moreno for siskowics trade!

Let it Go beetlejuice. Zeke's gone.....He's never coming back....

Won the trade? Lost the trade?...We won't really know for a couple years....either way it's done.

How bout them Cat's!!!

I didnt bring it up. I congratulated the guy who replaced the guy who replaced moreno. He deserves credit where its due.

Force of habit.....For some odd reason I expect negativity from you. Sorry.

depends how you look at it I guess. I defend moreno when people trash him because those same people treated him like a god until a second after he was traded. Then on the flight to winnipeg he lost a step, grew old, started trouble in the dressing room, fought with the coach.......you name it. People looked for every way they could to justify why zeke should have been given away and how it was a good move by the ticats gm. They even twist it into looking like it was moreno for siskowics and anthony(as they did in this thread). Why would obie be laughing? No replacement on top of the two they have already tried in zekes spot can change the fact that that he got taken in the deal. I defended an ex ticat because he deserves better and did everything asked of him. If thats negativity then sorry about that. I will point out errors as I see them when I see them. You need to accept other views then your own. I will defend moreno and point out the bad trade as long as people want to trash moreno and try to insult educated football fans by spinning it as a good trade. One tip I will give you....when you insult someone try to have a point in the post that is relevant and not just a personal insult......it has a better effect that way.