Porter should start

Just thought we should get back to fighting over football issues :lol:

I bet we'd have the same record if he had been all year.

Funny you mention that actually. It actually illustrates a mantra of mine, its not about Porter its about Glenn. He’s wildly inconsistent and not the guy we need to lead us to a championship. I don’t know who that guy is but I am reasonably sure I know who it is not.

Beg to differ. Porter against Pierce? I think we'd have taken you both times. I'd like our chances with Jyles against Porter too. If you want to throw us off stride, maybe start Tafralis, but I think Glenn likes playing against us for some reason...

the win didn't have to be against the bombers.

Kevin Glenn is not the problem is he to blame for the inept running game , the recievers not catching balls in their hands and voila interceptions or a rookie punter not knowing to pull the ball down and move to punt , and not having a goal line offence to push it over, and a place kicker that has struggled, so if we all watched the same games this thread heading is total BS

Glenn is no. 1 and believe me, if ABIII says he's not, we will know about it.

Right now the CFL is about having a rushing threat, and that is questionable with the TigerCats at this time.

Cobb, run hard, very hard, and O-line work hard. Cory Boyd, Coubourne's, Whitlock, Reynolds - run hard Mr. Cobb.

let me tell you porter is not the answer either

Agree, not on his own of course.

gee i din’t know that porter could run. throw and catch his own passes, kick field goals, punt and also rush the opposing qb. if thats the case he should start.