Porter needs to open it up

Porter needs to open the game up a bit. Most passes are 6 yards or less. If you open up the vertical game you give your team some options. Over the years we have kicked our offensive line but to be honest, a really good QB can make the offensive line look good. First by making good coverage reads and getting rid of the ball early. Porter had a few opportunities with guys open but failed to spot them.

I don't get it. Even in practice he only goes for 20 yards and under. He has to spread out the defense and show them you are not afraid to go long. Let's see that arm strength next game.

F this team. Once again the punchline of the cfl

yea I thought it was jason maas out there on the field for a second.

Still no creativity with this play calling (I dont think thats porters fault... hes going to throw what the play calls for)

He needs more protection to do that, IMHO. Pass protection adjustments to provide for a FB / HB blocker more often will allow Quinton that extra Mississippi or two to spot guys getting open. I don't think we have the receivers yet as a group to get separation quick enough. I think Porter needs to improve in his recognition of coverages on the fly as you suggest, but the adjustment to CFL game speed differs from QB to QB. My concern is that the spread offense we use spreads like fertilizer too much when confronted with a team ready from the hop to pressure the pocket.

Oski Wee Wee,

Not Porters fault at all!! The play calling was very weak. I liked his mobility, and decision making. We had virtually no run game, and we practically could have crossed out out WR. I think this will all be assessed for next game. The d-line showed a little more pressure than last year with four sacks, but we gave up 7 I believe, again due to no run game. Special teams played very well, to bad Setta is playing hurt.

Next game - open up the play book and get the WR involved, or at least have them run longer routes. Bring a run game, let the o-line have some fun. And start Porter again! He made some errors, but I still consider him rookie, but he is our future and he showed lots of ability.

I don't think you should blame Porter....we complained about this every game when Marcel was our offensive co-ordinator....we used to call him marcel bellfool.....his offense works a lot better with a great back like keith...ball control is the name of his game...get used to it..

It has to spread the D vertically and horizontally DEEPER. Crossing patterns, misdirection, stop and gos. One more blocker in the backfield more often would be nice too, but I am a stickler for dissing spread offenses that might work in Tecmo Bowl but not in the real-life CFL.

why are you guys posting so soon after the game....didn't you go...lol

Mike Gibson.* And yes, it's similar to what Marcel like to run. The lack of consistent backfield protection of the passer does not allow the QB to throw deep enough to threaten the defence. This was my beef last year until it started to get fixed by the midpoint of the season. Frustrating to see a similar M.O. at play AGAIN.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm in Montreal.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes, Porter can throw the ball more than 10 yards. If you went to the game at the stadium, you saw the following:

  1. A collapsing pocket

  2. A missed blocking assignment

  3. When there was good protection, no receivers were open so that's when he went to the check down

The guy had either no time to throw or everyone was covered. Can't really blame him.

It's tough to open it up when you are runnig for your life or no one down field can get open.

We are always too quick to blame the QB. Always! I usually stand up for the QB and take it to the extreme but I asked my buddy what he though of Porter and he thought that he played well.

Are there things that Porter could do better? Yes but this loss is not on him.

Porters Game Stats

Completions 26
Attempts 40
Interceptions 2
Yards 229
Average 5.72
Long 21

I too think the playcalling was a huge part of the picture. Very few slant routes, very few hooks, very few anything, really. Receivers not getting open is a symptom of a design flaw. Why are we playing such vanilla offense?

MB is the head coach and it seems like he has a big hand in the offense. Looks like the same crap as last year.

That catch P-Rod caught in the end zone is as good as you'll see anywhere. :thup:

That's what I thought you would have seen, #3 in particular. Porter was sacked six times. And on at least a few of those sacks, Porter had time, but could not find open receivers.

The offence was very predictable. It did not help that the RBs got nowhere before they got injured, as holes were not being opened for them.

Porter threw a few bad passes, but I don't consider him what is wrong with this team.

Well, in the end i think it's the lack of effectiveness over the middle that killed this team. Too much dink/dunk and not enough airing out the ball. When they finally did hit the middle in the 4th quarter they had (limited) success. Davis almost ripped a big one on the play where he took that big hit.

I understand taking what the defense gives you, but if you do that, you play right into their strategy. In order to beat them you have to challenge them. They were willing to give us the underneath stuff all day.