Porter - More for Less

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/02/22/porter_extension/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... extension/[/url]

I wonder if Perry Lefko goes "BEEP. . . BEEP" when he backs up like this.

He writes:

"Quinton Porter is set to sign a contract extension with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, amidst rumours that the team considered trading him and fellow backup Adam Tafralis."

What he perhaps should have written is:

"Quinton Porter is set to sign a contract extension with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, amidst rumours that I created out of thin air that the team considered trading him and fellow backup Adam Tafralis.

I'm thinking he deserves both. More AND less. Based on his performance in his limited role the last couple of years, the less money is a given. But he also deserves more playing time. No quarterback will improve without a reasonable amount of touches, and in fact will regress - exactly what we saw last year. Doesn't explain the previous year, where he seemed to regress when he was our #1. But giving him more playing time will do one of two things: allow him to improve (fingers crossed), or highlight that he really doesn't have it and needs to go. No idea which way that'll go.The potential seems to be there, but I don't know if he'll be able to get it going or not.

Maybe the team needs to dust off the old Ken Hobart playbook?

Wait a tick...Lefkos thinks Obie wants to trade both our backups?

You mean the CFLs own Perez Hilton? I'll pass on taking anything that clown says seriously.

I'm glad Porter was willing to take a pay cut (I wouldn't have done it though). I like QP and hope he can turn into the QB that we want/need him to be.

Pay cut : call me crazy but don't think that will help QP's perception he isnt respected.

If Obie can get him to take a pay cut that might help his trade value. :stuck_out_tongue:

If its true good to know Porter is staying. I think our QB situation has been better than Ive seen in a long time, why screw it up. :thup:

Don't get too excited. Consider the source this rumour came from.

Really :roll:
What is so good about our QB situation?
We have an amazing starting QB and then absolutely nothing behind him... Porter is nothing more than a large RB that fumbles a lot.

I fail to see any improvement in Quinton Porter's play over the past couple of seasons. I don't think
this guy has what it takes to be a first stringer. I'd pick Tafralis over Porter, hands down.

Porter? Trade him!

I’m sure some of these same fans were around when Ham dumped probably the greatest QB to ever play in this league. :wink:

I love hearing people make that comparison.
It happens teams dump players that move on and become the next best thing. But for every player that turns his career around like AC how many flops are there...

The same QB that wanted to leave and left voluntarily ?

Best part of the article isnt that Porter is staying - it's that more contract extensions are on the way.

Now that Porter is staying does that mean Jyles is off the radar ?

makaveli: I agree. I thought they should have traded Porter after last season. I have the feeling we have seen the best of him. We need a young up-and-comer as a back up. I thought Trafalis would have filled that role.

Oh I'm sure we can come up with quite a list of QBs let go by Hamilton who never did much afterwards; I'll kick things off:

Marcus Brady
Kevin Eakin
Rocky Butler

I'm sure the list is very long, that's the sad part of it ,when has The Hammer ever developed a QB like some of the other teams. Do we go way back in history like to maybe Joe Zuger. We wait desperately to land a QB another team has developed.

Why does it matter if we develop one?
We have a great QB and he still has a few years left in him.

Great? Two .500 seasons and early playoff exits is not great. The jury is still out on KG seeing he has only 1 playoff win in is career (off the top of my head) I question "great"

I see your point Mak but when you look back over the past twenty years we've had some very bad years that could of been better if we could have developed or own QB. We were lucky the Bombers FU and let Glenn go and Ron brought Dan with him when he came here or life would have been real tough for a lot more years in Tiger Town.