Porter is the Future

Only in Hamilton…pull the qb after one game. Welcome to the starting Ticats job QP. Don’t let the bus tires leave their tread marks on you.

The guy did everything that could have been done. His one fault was hanging on to the ball too long a few times. Do any of you really think Glenn would’ve lit it up? No disrespect to Glenn, I’m happy to have him but only so much can be done. The fact is the receivers just weren’t good enough the last game. They weren’t open. It’s not surprise that our two td’s were scored by vets.

Don’t even think of benching Porter. Ridiculous idea.

I have to agree with OnKnight...about this one.
I would have pulled Porter at the half...last game, and put in Glenn.
I also have to state, that I also believe that Porter is the future, for the Cats.
The biggest problem, right now in Porters developement...is he is simply holding the ball to long, and not doing his read's fast enough to his receivers.
The O-line is not to blame...for the sacks, in the last game....Porter is.
With time, Porter will, get alot faster...with his read's, thus releasing the ball much faster...thus less sack counts.
In the mean time...Porter is learning...under fire.
Is it the right way of developement...and not bring in Glenn ?
The great risk, is that the Cats could go 0 and 4, or 0 and 5, or whatever. While Porter is learning...under fire. The other team defence...will key-off on Porter, taking too long to release the ball, and send more blitz packages, etc.
Hell...we saw this in the first game. Do you not think, Wally has not already watched the film ? Of coarse, the Lions have.
Porter is the future...for the Cats.
I just hope the Hamilton Fans can be patient....if this is the way it's going to be.
I know this is one fan....that is trying to be.

Cheers. :thup:

Well we don't know what Glenn could have done because he wasn't given the chance now was he. You say receivers were not open, I say they might not have been open by the time Porter looked to them. They may well have been open three or four seconds earlier.
And no one is throwing anyone under the bus. Your knee-jerk reaction is typical of many forum posters here who don't want to see Glenn in the game at any cost.
Glenn has yet to play a serious down with the Ticats' starting team and yet there are many here who have already written the guy off in favour of a rookie who was sacked six times and threw two interceptions in his first game.

For a guy that trew 20 picks and 20 TD's in the Peg with the best OL and close to the best receivers, I would'nt exactly classify him as starter. Porter threw 2 picks and 2 TD passes and over 200 yards passing. Tell me. Of the past 5 years, when did a QB start with those stats? It used to be: 50 yards passing 225 yards rushing and the first passing TD didn't come until week 6. I think he's doing pretty well, let him do his thing. Glenn's there ONLY if we need him.

You bring up some very soild points...... tcfan.
I don't think, anyone is throwing Quinton, under the bus.
I no, I sure as hell...am not.
Glenn...was the MVP in 2007. He is a very experianced QB, that has not just simply forgotten how to be a starting QB, because of a so-so-season in 2008.
I simply think that all the tools that are available to this team....should be used, to win...period.
And if they are not going to be used...ie bringing in Glenn, should Porter ( while learning ) need to be pulled....or vise-versa.
That is the risk...of an 0 and whatever, start, for the Cats in 2009.
And are the Hamilton Fans going to have the patience....after what has gone on over the last 5 years ?
I sure as hell...hope so.


Everyone know My Passion for this Team.. But I am Tired of Losing ...
I am tired of not seeing a home playoff Game.
I am tired of Promises this will be the year and it don't happen.
I want a Home playoff Game.. and I want it bad..
No player is bigger then the Team so if Porter can't do it move over and let glen Play...
Most Fans Want the Ticats to in the playoffs this year.

Well said Onknight. We want some wins early in the season and if Glenn is the guy that can give them to us early in the season while Porter is getting comfortable than that is what should be done. Coaches who are too stubborn to make a move because they are committed to one guy are doing the team and its fans a disservice.
I will repeat, no one is throwing anyone under the bus.

If Glenn had been the QB last week. I'm not sure he could have finished the game. Bell is player of the week and Porter has wheels.

Well again, we don't know if he would have finished the game because he did not even get into the game. What we do know is that the Ticats lost, Porter was slow in getting the ball away, was sacked six times and threw two key interceptions while playing an ok game. To some fans desperate for a QB after years of futility at this position, anyone who could complete a TD pass was a saviour. Our expectations might be a tad low. We should be looking for wins, not a TD pass or an ok showing.
Once again no one is throwing Porter under the bus or making Glenn anything other than what he is - an experienced proven QB who can help the Ticats early in the season if given the chance.

Well said....OnKnight

I think that your thoughts....about the team and winning, are the same, for alot of us.

:thup: :thup: :thup:


sometimes watching from the sidelines is the best thing for a young qb’s development and putting glenn in for a while isnt going to hurt Porter one bit.

Finally someone who gets what I am staying