Porter is the Future

We have to stick with this guy. 24 first downs and 2 TD passes in his first game of the season. Remember what happened the last 3 seasons. We couldn't throw a TD pass before the 6th game last year. Porter already is the best passer we've seen since McManus and stats show it. 12 TD's in 5 starts, 10 td's from 4 starts last year. 1600 yards on 5 starts, those are pretty good stats. He even out passed Joesph last night, Joesph had 220 yards and QP had 229. Anyhow he has to start in BC... he earned it last night. And the pick he threw in the end zone, if P Rod was the receiver it would've been for 6. no disrespect to Davies, he's going to be great.

Maybe but he looked no different then any other QB that has been here. Played a decent to below average came made more then his share of mistakes a few bad passes not sure if he is being rushed along too fast. Last year when he played he had nothing to lose as the cats didnt need to win. Even then he played one really good game and the rest like last night. If they keep leaving him in games like this his future will be short lived and confidence in the can

He may be the Future but he Not Better then Glen Now IMO
Glen See the Field Better
Gets rid of ball quicker
Porter is there Starter I Rather it be Glen..

I have a good feeling about Porter. Unleash Cobb in BC and I'll guarantee you'll see things loosen up for Porter.

Keep working him! I think we've finally found the guy for the future. I see a lot of Joe Zuger in him as well as Mike Kerrigan.

Thank god Belli isn't in front of Hage this game trying to mess with his head......lmao!.....gotta laugh at Belli though. The guy is a pistol ! :lol:

Maybe so, but Porter needs to have a career game in BC, he has to step up and win the game for the team not just ordinary like the opener.
Something like 300+ yards and throwing at least for 3 TD's.

Porter was not the reason we lost. He threw one int that led to points and the other INT killed points but we didn't deserve to win that game.

-oline forgot to block half the time
-the other half, the receiver couldn't get separation
-the dline couldn't stop the run

Glenn may be slightly better but Glenn is not our starting QB for the next 10 years, QP is.

I am sorry but I don't want to hear that Glenn should be the starter. Once Porter actually stinks up the joint, then sit him for a game or two but until he does that, let the kid play and give him his due.

Porter has got to learn to find a better balance between getting the ball off quicker with accuaracy. I like Porter for sure. But that last game I was thinking... when Joseph came into the league he was with Ottawa as a rookie and he looked great from the start and eventually wins MVP a few years later. I don't think we have a "Joseph" in Porter, but time will tell.

It is very hard for anyone to look good in a Bellefeuille offense.

Glenn has 0 Mobility, tends to overthrow or underthrow his receivers and isn't willing to break the plan of the play to complete the pass. If the balls supposed to be thrown to the middle, that's where he'll damnwell throw it, wether our receivers are there yet or not. He also won't get any better than he is now, where as Porter will. And when Porter get's better (5-6 games of starting), we're going to have a marquee QB for years to come, rather than just a vet who used to be good, so we presume he'll be good here also (Maas, Printer's, Glenn if he starts). Let Porter start. He's good, the newbie receivers make him look bad though tbh, rarely get open. PS- If Glenn is as good as you think he is, he would've won the starting job hands down or wouldn't have been released from Winnepeg.

Winnipeg coach is Nob .. Look who he has cut Traded or put on Wavers
This Team Wanted to roll the Dice with a QB who played less then 8 Games in the CFL
so be it..
I will Cheer him but if He throws three picks in a Game or More
I'll be 1st to call for Glen.
Sometime you need a Vet to Mob up a rookies Mistakes.. and Porter will Make Many..
But your right He'll Learn.. I hope he learns quickly I want a playoff Game at Home this year.

All is not well with how the Cats are handling Porter, coming from Porter himself who says in today's paper that the situation is counterproductive, to quote what Drew Edwards writes. Also the decisions are being told to the media first it seems.

I would say there are problems in TiCat land reading this article. Hopefully someone else here can say I'm wrong.


Yes a good article Earl. There seems to be a lack of communication by the head coach and this does not bode well.
Is it only me who thinks Coach B may be over his head as a head coach and the decision to hire him after a horrible 1 and 7 season last year was either premature and or desperation by O'B?

A player finding out info. by the press first instead of the team happens often in every org. in every league.

It's a question of how info. is managed. MB has a good reporter with easy access to the coach with a blackberry and cell clamouring for info to feed his blog and beat-that's his job.

It's clear the team has a new and better relationship with the Spec instead of that door-stop the team had to endure in the past. IMO it's working out the kinks in the chain of info. that is the issue .

Porter is out #1 Quarterback, as long as he's healthy.... The problem is the fans of this team crucify ever young QB who looks like he's struggling just a bit.

Porter can not be blamed for the Cats being down 20-0 in the first quarter - that automatically changes the game plan. Porter can not be blamed for continuous Roughing penalties resulting in 1st downs by our defence, holding calls by our O-lineman on first downs, and overall poor play calling which only saw 1 pass over 25 yards until the final 2 minutes.

I dont remember out defence getting one turnover in the Argo game.

Porter's only 3 problems were the interception at the end of the 1st quarter, the forward toss pass to Chris Davis that was over thrown, and not getting rid of the ball fast enough (which is partly to blame on some new recievers not being able to get open).

He did make some nice throws and had quite a few nice scrambles.

Be patient with Porter...He will turn out just fine when our Defence gels and our WR's figure out the offensive scheme. He is the future....like it or not!

Finally some Porter supporters... Mark my words, he'll be a starter and CFL great if we give him the chance. He'll finish third in the league passing if he stays healthy and we give him a fare chance. In 6 starts he has 1900 yards passing. That's an average of 316 per. game. That is amazing and by far better then anyone at the QB position since McManus... He's already thrown for more TD's then Maas and Printers combined.

You take a rookie and make him a starter, you commit. That’s why I was concerned about them bringing in Glenn. The pressure to replace Porter will increase with every loss. How commited will the Cats be???

It doesn't have to be an either/or situation here folks. If Glenn starts a game, it does not mean Porter sits for the rest of the year. Most agree Porter has plenty of upside and should eventually be our starter if he continues to improve. But there is nothing wrong with bringing him along throughout the season so that we can get some early wins using Glenn's expertise and experience. One of the problems over the past three to five years has been the inability and unwillingness of the coaches to pull the QB in time to win a game when it is obvious to most everyone else that a change is needed.

Watch how quickly Wally Buono will go to the bench if his QB is struggling or not getting the job done.

Glenn has the ability to win us some games whether he starts or comes in off the bench, my fear is that the Ticat coaches decided before the season began that Porter was going to be the starter come hell or high water and they are going to be very slow to pull him. My fear is we are going to lose four or five straight before Glenn even has a chance to prove himself and the season will already be lost....

I hope I'm wrong but.... I have little faith after five losing seasons....

I still think Glenn should've started the opener but now that they've handed the team over to Porter, he needs to have the chance to play 1st string in a few consecutive games. I'm still not convinced he's the team's saviour but he needs a few more games to show what he's got (or doesn't have).

An Argo-Cat fan

My fear is this we've killed a lot of young qb's by doing exactly what we are doing right now. AC was rushed along handed the job and if not for montreal doing what they did with him I doubt he would've lasted much longer in the CFL. Now everyone knew AC was gonna be good and Porter has not shown at all the potential he had. Two of the best t hough were allowed to develope behind veterans DMAC and AC. I think sitting behind and watching Ham play saved AC's career and I imagine that was the plan with him behind Dunnigan here. I for one think development isn't done by throwing a guy into the fire. Last year was Porters first year out of school and was a back-up at that. DMAC he had been on an NFL roster and had started in school and still wasn't ready. AC had started in LV and Hamilton and finally Montreal did it right. My point is I think watching last weeks game Porter isn't even close to being ready he looked bad. I think he may have some potential to be a starter, but he needs a season or 2 backing up a quality veteran which he never had last season and learn from the bench. In most sports alot of the best learning you can do is from watching.

I like Porter and I think he is the starter but the people who make points about him not being ready may have a solid argument. I mean I wanted Brady Quinn 2 start right out of the gate, to the degree that he demand a trade in Cleveland - I get 2 excited and over hyped......