Porter is likely Starter Against stamps

This morning's Spectator quotes Marcel Bellefeuille as stating that Porter would likely start against Calgary in view of the fact that he went 4 for 6 in passing early in the Montreal game and also since he performed well against Calgary in their last meeting a couple of weeks ago.

I'm already on record along with many of you as stating that I was of the opinion that Glenn should be the starter for the balance of the season based on the fact that Porter has had plenty of time by now to get his act together and shows very little progress to this day. (to me, anyway) I said, (and many agreed) that in the Montreal game, his head seemed to be somewhere else and this reflected on the other players. I also said that I am not nearly as well versed in these matters as the coaches or many of you. I speak only from a fan standpoint whose knowledge is limited and certainly doesn't go into the locker room or the team meetings.

I would not second guess the HC or many of you who are seemingly smarter in these matters than I am, but I continue to question why the Coach would hang the destiny of this team and the fans on Quinton Porter when, as we near playoff time he has a guy like Glenn carrying the clipboard and Tafralis who is still unproven but shows plenty of promise.

I reiterate a former post: "Porter should go to 3rd string at this stage," however, I would like to see him back in camp next year to see if he can progress further.

I agree I just don't ever see him as the future he has showed flashes of good last season, but really he hasn't taken the bull by the horns and grabbed the opportunity given to him. This season instead of progressing he is regressing. If most of us were this poor at our jobs we would've been let go long ago. He hasn't had a breakout game and his constant slow starts puts our team in a deep hole. The inability to throw a deep ball at this level is certainly hurting him. It appears that last season teams just didn't have film on him and he may have looked better then he was. Now teams have figured him out and he isn't adapting or making the neccessary changes at this level. Now is time to end the experiment and just focus on the veteran qb and getting him ready and geling with the O for the playoffs. Next year have Porter back to camp but with no set number 1 and see what happens.

Damn I was hoping Schultzy was right :

"The final game in Week 14 is Hamilton at Calgary. I would be very surprised if Quinton Porter were to start this week. As a quarterback, he is not a strong starter and as the cliché is stated: you can't win a game in the first quarter but you sure can lose a game in the first quarter. Against Montreal last week, Calgary two weeks ago, and Saskatchewan back on Sunday, August 16th, the first quarter for Porter was a disaster. I wonder what would have happened if Kevin Glenn had either started the game in each situation. Porter needs another off-season and training camp, and the Ticats need to commit to Glenn right now"

How do you progress if you don't play? Whatever job you have, your skills improve with experience. The coaches obviously believe that Porter is progressing and they are willing to allow him to do so. We have a lot of young guys on the team who make mistakes and we as fans should be patient with them. The Cats probably won't win the Grey Cup this year but I think we are developing a good young core of players. We all know the Anthony Calvillo story in Hamilton and Montreal. The Little General brought in a proven veteran quarterback to lead us to two cup appearances in a row while AC developed with the Als. I don't see any Danny Macs out there to help us now, so let's give Obie and Marcel a chance to develop our own young quarterbacks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Loosing Streek away will continue.. If they don't start Glen

Porter should be Learning in Film Work and Practices and Mop up Duty not by starting

You win with Vet at The Helm not a raw rookie
when was last Time a Rookie QB Won us a Grey Cup..
Chuck Maybe in 72.

My sentiments exactly, Pat. Well said.

What happens when KG starts?

Oh ya we loose to Toronto in the Rogers centre and just who does Toronto beat this year???

Oh ya KG.

There HAVE to bee things that the coaches see in game film on Porter that they like. Or, conversely, things they see on Glenn that they do not. Yes, Porter was 4-for-6 in passing. There was one brutal drop by AB3 that hit him right in the hands that would have resulted in 20+ yards. Porter also ran for 2 first downs. What too many people fail to (or CARE to) recognise is the fact that the O-line were just plain terrible abgainst Montreal.

You need more than 1.5 steamboats to make a pass. Some complain that if Porter cannot get a pass to his promary receiver that he "automatically" runs. Balderdash. If the primary receiver cannot get open in 1.5 steamboats and there are 3 D-line people in his face (as happened on Friday), then he either gets rid of the ball, gets sacked, or tries to extend the play by running for a first down.

Is Porter at fault for terrible O-line play?
Is Porter at fault for the inability of the receivers to get open (or at least gain separation)?
Is Porter at fault for the poor run defense?
Is Porter at fault for the poor pass defense?
Is Porter at fault for the poor punt/kick return blocking and execution?

As for those who claim that Porter does not have the arm strength to copmplete long passes - again, balderdash. I would rather Porter throw a 40-yd-pass than Glenn, at least Porter's will get to the receiver, and not float like a beach ball and get intercepted...

Stop clouding the issue with facts. :lol: How dare you ruin the running of a talented young QB out of town by making a very accurate assessment of the situation. That is NOT the Ticat fan way. :roll: Does anyone remember a kid named Calvillo who fumbled TWICE ON ONE PLAY?? We gave up on him and look what we missed out on. I'd hate to see us do the same with Porter.

I don't care who starts. I want to win. If Porter starts and doesn't do well, pull him and put in Glenn or vice versa. I don't care. Start Dyakowski at QB for all I care. Just win.

PS, Waltt, You're really starting to irritate me. Try to post about something other than how horrible Porter is and you might actually get a little credibility around here. Put away your Tafralis pom poms for a while. That's just not going to happen.

Good posts borehamgirl and sigpig. I agree with both. Porter's running ability alone gives him the edge in my books. And I also see little harm in giving him the yank here and there for Glenn.

Said it before.
Say it again and keep saying until proven otherwise.....

There's nothing like bad times in Ti-Cat land that brings out the new, mysterious and seldom used usernames who love to gin up negativity but then promptly evapourate when things go well.

I know its all just a crazy coincidence and I know its simply impossible to think there's a person/people out there who prefer things to be bad and like to see certain people fail or just love to see what turmoil they can create in here by playing both sides....


That last full paragraph could one day be your epitaph, Z.

I'm not here to troll, just to state an opinion; valid or invalid. No need to call me out for that.
I haven't been on site much in recent times due to medical problems and other commitments.

I remain a strong Ticat supporter and simply want the best for the team. I freely admit my limited knowledge, but I am no stranger to the game either.

Contrary to what you write, I personally, have been on here several times commending the team for good efforts. Please don't place us all in the same mould and generalize as you do.

Oskie friggen wee wee!

You don't have to justify your presence or absence to anyone on here. You have the right to come and go as you please and to post your opinion just like anyone else. No explanations needed.

I've grown sooooooooooo tired of this Porter vs Glenn crap. I'm with Borehamgirl, start anyone but just win. The team lost "collectively". It wasn't due to Porter. Personally I see little difference if we start one vs the other. I've seen things from Porter that I didn't like and I've seen things from Glenn that I didn't like.

What I want to see is a better prepared team. A team playing with attitude. I want to see some creativity in the play selection. More importantly, I want to see the team use the best players possible and THAT is where I feel this team has the most room to improve. All season long, we've gone to Cobb who has played admirably. But I want to see what Caulley gives us. I've also been rather disappointed in the play of Drisan James. Perhaps we should insert Caulley in place of James and as so many others have pointed out, run some quick passes or swing passes to either Cobb or Caulley coming out of the backfield. Use Pavlovic as a TE more than once per season.

I agree with sigpig. I didn't watch the whole game, but basically on every play the Als looked faster stronger, more motivated, and with better coaching. It wasn't just Porter or Glenn, it was pretty much every single Ticat on the field who got beat physically and mentally. The Ticats had all of their plays break down because the Als either confused them with their looks or just flat out beat them physically. Conversely, the Als O was rarely confused and rarely got beaten physically.

Contrary? "spikejones" was never singled out as an example so I dont know why you feel compelled to be defensive.
Again, when things go bad this site gets alot more active when the cats win it gets relatively quiet. It's a strange trait that bears mentioning.
That's all, relax.

I agree with sigpig. I didn't watch the whole game, but basically on every play the Als looked faster stronger, more motivated, and with better coaching. It wasn't just Porter or Glenn, it was pretty much every single Ticat on the field who got beat physically and mentally. The Ticats had all of their plays break down because the Als either confused them with their looks or just flat out beat them physically. Conversely, the Als O was rarely confused and rarely got beaten physically.marcel_g

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You have that right it was a team problem they did not come to play.


I’m disappointed that Porter will be starting but it doesn’t surprise me. He just hasn’t shown enough for me to think he’s the team’s QB for the next 5-6 years no matter how many opportunities he’s given. Of course, he didn’t single handedly lose the last game but as the stick that stirs the drink, he failed miserably.

It looks like both MB and Bart Andrus are fixated on their QBs (Porter and Picket) despite what they see on the field.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm really having mixed feeling about this one. Part of me is thinking that the TiCat organization is being patient with Porter, and recognize that 1) this team will end up in second in the East regardless of who starts, and 2) this team is not quite good enough to win the Grey Cup this year, so they want to invest in the future. I can live with this for now, but think there comes a point in the season when you need to start the best players regardless to make the team as good as it can be now and go as far as we can this year. The other part of me is thinking that maybe Porter just isn't going to be that guy, and that Kevin Glenn is not that old and should be playing now to help the entire offense improve. As a fan going through this process is pretty frustrating.

With all that said, I don't think this is an easy decision to make. Porter has not played well at times, and just doesn't appear to have that real focused intensity that you like to see. He has often played well enough to get the job done, and there is something to be said for that. As far as Keven Glenn goes, he has also been a little inconsistent at times. On some plays / drives he looks confident, decisive, and focused, and that appears to rub off on the entire offense. Then he will turn around and either make a bad decision, or throw up a real wobbling duck of a pass.

Overall, I think Glenn has played better, and presently gives the team the best chance to win. I hope that the TiCat brass will start Glenn nearer to the end of the season if Porter doesn't get it going soon. At this point I just believe he has the ability to take us farther in the playoffs.

For now, I will be patient, and frustrated.

Let's hope the entire team playes better this week. We all need a break after last week's poor performance.