Porter & Glenn - Among top 3 QB's in rushing yrds

Among qb's with at least 10 rushes, Glenn leads the league with an 8.1 yard average (only one RB has a higher average) and Porter is 3rd with a 7.5 yard average. Since Marcel refuses to utilize Cobb to his strengths, (running outside, flare or screen passes, etc) then at least give Glenn and Porter the green light to run more.

They have such good averages is because they're running for their lives.

Can you run faster scared?? I guess so :wink:

Teams where the QB is one of the top rushers usually dont do that well. The QB should be looking to hand the ball off or throw. Yes, you need a QB that is agile and can evade the rush but as a mainstay, i do not want my QB to be a running back.