Porter getting the Thanksgiving Day start

Hamilton radio announced it today.

Buellefille is sticking with the young gun, even though Glenn would no doubt love to stick a dagger through the heart of his old club.

Great news for Bombers! Not that Porter cant get the job done, its just that I was worried that Glen may have gotten this idea in his head, that he comes out and ....like you said.... stick a dagger through the heart of his old club.

I had said basically the same thing in a post a few days ago that I was worried of that very thing. Now thats not to say that he could not do the same thing coming in at half time or later, but its a good omen I think that he is not starting. Let`s hope that Porter plays just well enough to stay in the game....Or the other scenario is to have Glen come out and Bombers sack him in to tomorrow :rockin:

I have a feeling also that Glenn would do something dumb to try and stick it to his old team. Porter didn't play bad last week, but a famous quote comes to mind when people trash his performance. When the offence is succeeding, the QB is the one that get's all the glory but when an offence struggles, he's the first one to get trashed.

In addition to the 5 new players brought in to the Cat's PR yesterday, we should be getting a new kicker as soon as tommorrow. Thank god.

...i like what Porter had to say at the end of the stumps game...."I was confused and didn't know what to do on that last play'.....heh heh I hope he brings that same confusion Mon...... :lol:

He's really a great person and a good QB but everyone on that play just broke down, including obviously Porter. He was so down on himself afterwards :?
And that new kicker we're getting is Jeremy Ito and it's not certain wether he or Setta will start Monday.

It doesn't help the QB when you have a defender who is allowed a free pass at the QB. I don't know if Cobb didn't see him or what but he got over way too late to block the guy.

Yeah I think he called the Bombers "turkeys" or maybe it was OB...LOL should be fun.

That was O’Billovich in a promo video on their website. He’s been around long enough to know better than that. :roll:

One of Nick Setta's video's where Canadian talk show host JR Digs was interviewing Setta prior to the labour day rematch got completely removed from the site within a couple of hours because at the end of the video JR asked if Setta had a final message to say to the Argo's before game day and he did the whole "read between the lines" bit. This is nothing to that lol. Obie's a great guy, he was likely joking around trying to build some hype for this game. I like to talk to him sometimes after the practices, he's always got a minute to spare for Cat fans :thup:

Doesn't matter if he was joking or not. It was a dumb thing to post on their website. All it does is add more fuel to the fire.

Porter better be productive early or Marcel have a short leash on him, otherwise the grumbling will start on the bench.

....he was clearly confused in their last effort against the stumps.....hopefully the same will continue :lol: :lol: :lol:

pulls out a violin and plays a sad sad tune.Is that not what you wana do? add fuel? Kelly must have added ALOT of highly combustible fuel to "the fire".. I I remember a few years back, in Hamilton there was a billboard, that said nothing more then TORONTO SUCKS!!! it was great! There also used to be shirts that said Argo's suck and alouettes swallow! I miss those!:frowning:

If a homer columnist writes something putting down the opposition, the players don't care. If fans put up a billboard like that, the players don't care. When the opposition coach/GM/secretary says something like that publically, it gets noted and adds fuel.

Who cares… it was a silly comment made at the very end of a video promo encouraging fans to come to the game. Geez, he laughed afterward, he knows the players don’t care. They probably don’t even know about it.

I’m sure Brown, and Simpson and Shabazz are sitting in the locker room before the game saying:


There should be no room for extra motivation. If they’re not motivated already, then there’s something wrong.

Bah, it's the kiss of death to ever say anything remotely derogatory about the other team before a game, and it can't be taken back. Obie pulled a boner, now his team will have to take the heat for the consequences.

Like the last game against the Cats when Fred Reid told a Hamilton reporter that the Hamilton LB's don't scare him, and that he'll easily run for over 100 yards? He did run for 88 and about 40 yards came on one play late in the game.

Seriously, do you think the Bombers have even seen it? I think you fans are more ticked about it then the players.

I wouldn’t be so sure about them not knowing about it. I do know for a fact that at least one employee of the Bombers knows about it. Whether he has brought it to the attention of MK, I don’t know.

I’m curious… if Wally Buono or John Hufnagel or Danny Maciocia or Jim Popp jokingly said that about the Ticats would you be saying the same thing?

The only time Reid mouthed off like that before a game was against Montreal, not Hamilton.

Ticats have been called worse. Geez. Gimme a break. My dad (who I'm very close to and admire very much) jokingly refers to me as a turkey sometimes.

As for the one employee, Buzz and Boomer don't count (although they probably are MK's closest allies in the league 8))