Porter Gets His Dig In

8) In the Spec this morning, QP gets a little dig back about his demotion.
 He says his confidence isn't shaken, despite his recent struggles.  "It doesn't change how I feel

 about myself as a QB.  I know what I've done on the field and what I can do"

Then the statement,  "I also know when other members of the team aren't doing what they need to do".

 "I can see the bigger picture here".

That's all good, no problem at all with those remarks.

8) Yes, at least QP didn't name any names specifically !!! :wink:

i think QP stayed to Marcel's dictum: only talk — and name yourself — in the media when talking of how the team is doing, and how you feel.
very professional and forward-thinking; just like how it's supposed to be done, yet informing other players that they have to step it up also — and they know who they are, in the 'bigger picture.'

Funny how we interpret the quotes differently. I read his comments like he was whining. Talking about himself blah blah blah. I would have been much more impressed if he had said something along the lines of: "no big deal. Arland just spoke his mind after a tough loss. I have not played my best....." That would have impressed me.
A QB -- The supposed leader of the offence -- of all people should not be blaming anyone else by name or inference. But it is no big deal one way or the other.
of course this is just my opinion, it's not a fact. :stuck_out_tongue:

QBing is like coaching.

They get too much credit for winning, and too much blame when you're losing.

At this STAGE of the GAME ... Quinton Porter's comments are IRRELEVANT and only serve his personal need to SAVE FACE and mollify his bruised EGO.

Contrast that to AB3 ... who was thinking about the TEAMS' GOALS when he spoke his mind.

I HOPE poor, wittle Quinton feels BETTER ... Cuz' I am CERTAIN the TEAM feels better now that he has been BENCHED.


P.S The way I read it ... the "Bigger picture" Quinton speaks of, is an intimation that he still feels that he is the 'QB of the future', and as such, still has the heart and minds of the HC, and GM. He sounds like a spoiled little brat to me.

I have no problems with it either. The formula of conveying a general message re underperformance in the media cuts both ways for coaches and players alike. Bluntness is always best in the coach's office or in the team's meetings.

The other side of this of course is if QP didn't say anything about the offense as a whole (hole? :wink:), some would accuse him of moping and/or/whining. I don't have a problem standing up for himself as long as that backbone demonstration does not involve others mud-flapping for a big yellow public vehicle. :wink:

As for the resonance of his public comments, they will only go as far as his esteem in that locker room, period.

Oski Wee Wee,


Translation: Porter thinks that some of his team mates may not be playing as hard for him as they do for Glenn because Glenn is their preferred QB.

Nah, not at all.

Look, they're all frustrated. They all hate losing. No big deal with these comments.

Well that would be a shame, but when you are perceived as the teacher's pet you're not going to have a lot of friends. :lol:

See what happens when the finger pointing starts. QP didn't name any names, but I'm pretty sure we know who he was talking about. I don't like the media slap-fest approach, but don't blame QP for saying what he said.

Hahahah Meanstreak you lived up to your moniker with that post. Can't say I disagree with you though. :lol: :lol:

Sorry - I don't buy it.

What do you think he means by "I can see the bigger picture here"?

IMO, it's not too difficult to read between the lines.

I don't like the media slap-fest approach, but don't blame QP for saying what he said.
I see, so, if AB3 just says "No offense to anybody in this locker room, but our back-up QB gives us our best chance at winning, and I am extremely frustrated that he has not been given the opportunity to lead us down the stretch" ... then everything is OKAY, and you wouldn't BLAME him ?

Nice try, but you can’t be HALF pregnant …

In the BIGGER PICTURE … I think, what we are watching and READING be played out in the media is the release of a lot of FRUSTRATION and ILL WILL in the locker room. Hopefully, this marks the end of it, and the TEAM can get it TOGETHER in time for the PO’s.


P.S I have avoided butting heads with you all season, bg,as I have noticed we have been on the opposite side of the fence on many issues … but I just felt like saying hi !

I think Porter still thinks he can start, that he can do it. That's a good thing. His confiodence is still there.

But the "bigger picture" here is, the team is losing and a change needs to be made. He understands the mojo that's going on in the press, the locker room and in fandom.

Hope I'm right because all this other stuff amounts to nothing more than pettiness that leads down a destructive path. I'm not reading it that way at all.

This is just frustration. Understandable.

My universal translation: Or that Gibson doesn't put them in a position to do what they need to do. Couple that with the 'I don't know what we were trying to do' reference re playcall in Calgary. Headset honchos make it a bigger picture than just the guys running around on the field.

Again, when you have to go to a 31-0 deficit to show a PULSE in a division game with big stakes, that shoe is going to fit whether Porter massages his media statements or not.

I really don't think players are going to take him to task over THIS particular comment. Hopefully more direct comments at the team meetings are being aired. Those are the ones that tell the tale, folks.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi Back.

I don't like going to the media on either side, but I really do believe that Porter wouldn't have said anything if Bruce hadn't said something first. Is that a little juvenile?? Perhaps, but it's the unfortunate by-product of being thrown under the bus. I just don't see how what Bruce did was productive in any way. It's become a pattern for him to voice his concerns via the media and I really can't respect that. I like that Porter still has confidence in himself.

Eventually QP will learn the value of a "no comment" and hopefull Bruce will too. Until then maybe Coach B should use tape for more than shoes and fingers.

I just want to win and I think it's time to put all this BS behind "us" and move on to the goal of actually making the effing playoffs. Focus the frustration on the other team and not each other.

Geez, I liked the 3-15 team better, at least they all seemed happy. :lol:

Ultimately, you can't go wrong by asking, WWDMD?

("What would Danny McManus do?")

Game in and game out, regardless of the result, Danny would stand in front of the microphones and take the blame for everything that went wrong, while giving his teammates credit for everything that went right.

For those who may be new fans, I'll give you a brief summary. Danny Mac is a future Hall of Famer and the all-time leading passer in Ticats history. When he joined the team back in 1998 he helped bring instant credibility and a Grey Cup win. His tenure at starting QB included the only time in the past 20 years when we were legitimate contenders. He recorded an unmatched 8 consecutive seasons of 4,000 or more passing yards and he owns three Grey Cup rings.

And naturally ... the fans hated him! Well, maybe not most of us, but certainly a very loud and repetitive contingent of those who post on this very board back in 2004/05. Simply replace the QB, they told us, and this team's troubles will end. (How has that worked out?) Something tells me many of these same individuals are the ones who loudly boo Porter, and given enough time, the ones who will turn against Glenn as well. Why? Because Tiger-Cat fans hate their starting QB. Always have (for at least the past 25 years or so), and I fear that they always will.