Porter Finally Utilized

8) I know it was mentioned on the game thread, but what a pleasant surprise to see Porter finally used on a short
   yardage situation !!

   I believe it was 3rd and a long yard, and Coach Cortez finally used Porter for the 3rd down sneak, which was successful.

   Maybe the Coach is listening to some of us on here, finally    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

It's about time. I was very happy to see that as well. Now the only thing left is to get Avon Cobourne back on the game day roster. We need Cobourne in the game to switch with Chevon Walker in certain situations (like second down, three yards to go). There is no way anybody can convince me that it is more important to have a back-up linebacker dressed (Ike Brown/Alex Joseph) who only play on kick coverage, than it is to have Cobourne dressed for the game.

They need to bring back Berezik who was cut after pre-season - he was a punishing in your face runner.

I,too would bring back Berezik.Iwas surprised he was cut outright after such a stellar game and not kept on the reserve squad..I would let Colbourne go so hs could play elsewhere

I would be shocked if Cobourne isn't cut by Labour Day.

Cobourne would not have run out of bounds when we are trying to kill the clock.

Not only that, he is capable of grinding out the tough yards through the line, even in those "everyone knows you're going to run" times of the game. Like the way BC did it to us to seal their victory a few weeks back.

That last drive - and the 19 seconds of clock time we did not have the chance to run out - could have easily made the difference between winning and losing.

No, but he might have scored a touchdown, giving us an eight point lead - and them the ball with time on the clock.

No player makes the perfect decision every time. With any luck at all, the coaches have mentioned the clock issue to Walker and he won't do it next time.

I thought someone might mention that. A situation where you're not supposed to score a TD may arise once in a player's career, if that. (Hence all the talk it generated at last year's Superbowl.) Knowing when to step out of bounds and when to stay in comes up every single game at every level. It's about as fundamental as not fumbling, and not punching a referee. i.e. not something that should need to be mentioned.

The more apt comparison from recent seasons is Cobb chossing to step out of bounds a couple of yards short of a crucial first down. Effectively those were his first steps out of town.

And BTW, given the choice last game, I'd have much preferred a long TD run in the final minute.

I thought the thread was abouth Porter? If you want to bring up the Colbourne roster spot fine with me. I like Avon, however his time has come and gone like Cates and Reynolds. Time to move on bring in another back with speed and power at a reduced price. If I were Obie I would look for a bonified DE that can get the sacks instead of paying a huge chunck of money for someone that is not in your immediate future. Other suggestions would also to consider a heavy hitting cover guy at safety. Any thoughts?

I know, not quite the same situation. And I forgot the :wink: on the end, although I was using it to make a point. Also I seem to remember Giguere doing the same thing as Walker last week at one point. And I'm sure I saw someone do it last year. Dumb move, yes. Correctable? I think so. Hope so anyway.

8) I agree, Avon will be released by that deadline date that requires veterans to be paid for the whole season, regardless
   if they have played or not.

   Avon is obviously a very expensive insurance policy as a backup running back.

    If Terry Grant can come back after that gruesome broken leg, he will definitely be in the picture, at half the cost of 

Iโ€™m not a big fan of Porter. All he does well is run. We need QBs who can throw. Heโ€™s been on the team for how long now? 4 years? 5 years? And heโ€™s never won the starting job. He had 1 amazing game, and loads of crummy ones. We need to develop someone who can challenge for the starting job.

As for leaving Burris in for the 1 yard dives, itโ€™s no big deal. I never understood why teams needed to switch QBs for a 1 yard plunge. Tracy Ham, Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan, Doug Flutie, and many more all were great starters and would do the QB sneak just fine. No reason Burris canโ€™t do it too.

I think that Coach Cortez could use a guy like Porter effectively if forced to.
The guy will run with great enthusiasm at almost the drop of the hat.
That is a big weapon, the enthusiasm part.
Hobart was the same way, & he got us to the Grey Cup.

As far as the safety issue that someone mentioned.
Ray played that whole game as a safety should.
He bailed out his backs all game long, and destroyed that greenie on their last drive first down.

I'm not sure I'd cite Matt Dunigan as evidence that one should not worry about a starting QB getting injured by running too much.

I'm surprised no-one else hasn't said it...


Sure you have to be good to be lucky but you also have to be lucky to be good.

I hope the coaches pull this together and feed off the 3 wins but "for the life of me" I can't understand why they don't have Avon in there.

AND...with all the points we have given up on "D"...lack of "sack production"...why isn't Stevie Baggs with the team? Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining about the wins ...I'm just not convinced that what we have will keep us in first place and a trip to "the dance".

I was thinking the same thing for a while as it would be an extra offensive weapon and he was once a great special teams coverage guy. However, I now see why they are not even using him at all. they have no plans for him to be part of the team for this season and they want Walker in their to learn from his mistakes and get better at pass blocking and he has aready improved as a receiver. Cobourne is just ther in case Walker is hurt and cannot play for a game or more.
They will keep Cobourne right where he is at until Terry Grant comes off the 9 game IR in which time they will release him.
Cortez is choosing to go with all three FB on the 42 game day roster. Stephenson is the back up tailback for each game and has been taking part in the offense as a Tight end. Darcy Browne and sam fournier are also their for short yardage and special teams.
It seems to be working and walker is young enough to carry the full load game in game out at running back. Grant may be also not be activated unless he needs to start. That is not a bad strategy as Fournier has become a force on special teams Browne blocked a punt and is the prime FB and stephanson gets the TE time and would play TB to finish out a game if Walker got hurt.
That is fine for the regular season but they will need to have a real back up tailback in a playoff game as if they lose their will be no tomorrow. So as the season gets later and the Cats can gain control in the division you will probobly see grant getting some PT on th 42 man roster and for the playoffs they will most likley do exactly what you said and not dress one of the back up LB and upgrade the coverage teams with another LB or hard hitting DB that starts and is not on coverage teams now.
Just what I have seen as I have been following this cobourne thing closely

Although his salary is steep if the ESKS continue to stay in the race Cobourne would be an excellent addition. As they are rebulding they have room in the cap im sure for him for a half a season and if they keep using Charles for everything he will get worne down and he may need a lil help and Cobourne is still a great all purpose back. in 2011 he racked up almost 1,000 yards rushing and beleive bout 400 receiving. He may be a perfect 2nd half fit for the esks as he will be fresh and in excellent football shape

Yup, I agree fully. I thought that he would be kept on practice roster as eventual replacement for Avon.

Nope pay him $$ all season remember the flash in the pan Mr COBB and all the Cobb heads what did that do for us ?...