Porter contract status?

on the Bomber forums (on their site, not these forums), they are talking about what they can do next year to improve their team... Of course I got a good laugh at what there ideas were, especially since no one came up with the logical idea of FIRING THEIR HEAD COACH!!

But I digress. One of their threads was about potential QBs for the future. A couple of them believe somehow that Quinton Porter is a Free Agent at the end of this year. Don't know how they know this, or where they would get this information.

Does anyone know if this is true?? I'm sure with how much praise they heap upon him, that he's probably not going anywhere. But if it's true that he is a FA, I'd rather Obie sign him sooner rather than later.



I saw the posts on the peg site, they think Porter is the answer to their problems. HMMMM, maybe we could get Bowman?
Just kidding, Porter is a great back up for Glenn, just not sure Porter is happy with that arrangment.
Note Hickman and Glenn named players of the month for Oct.
Congrates guys.
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Great, but that didn't answer my question about his contract status!

I can't provide a definitive answer for you, but my recollection is that Quinton Porter will be entering his option year. If so, he can sign with an NFL team any time between Jan 1/10 and Feb 15/10 but he cannot sign as a free agent with another CFL team. I believe that Adam Tafralis will also be entering his option year. The Ticats will therefore have the Kevin Glenn-Quinton Porter-Adam Tafralis quarterback trio again next year barring a trade or unless Porter or Tafralis signs with an NFL team.

In my opinion the more important question is what is Glenn's status....He signed one plus an option

Pretty sure it was a 2 and 1 from last year.
TCTD is correct.

Not sure about either but I think Glenn’s was 1 plus an option for the team.
Either way I think he is a pretty happy Tiger-Cat.
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obie or mitchell confirmed the other day that the 4 QBs we have right now will be coming to camp and they might or might not bring in a 5th

The Bummers already have Leflors--they don't need Porter. Bishop is a 9 win QB, nothing more. They need a bug upgrade at QB to be legitimate contenders.

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He'll probably want to renegotiate his contract, more years more money.

We have to hang onto all our QBs. Development for the future is the name of the game.....Obie do it.