Porter and Glenn Comparisons..who to play???

I like Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn. Both of them bring something to our game. Glenn has many years experience and seems to have a quicker throw. Porter has a better completion record but doesnt score as many touchdowns as Glenn, but seems to run out of the pocket better then Glenn. I like switching them around throughout the game..Keeps the other team guessing a lot.


138 comp 216 att
63.9% completion rate
1,444 Yds (Passing)
6 Int

Rushing: 41 for 304 yds (7.4Avg)
2 Td

Analysis: Runs well when finding no receiver, completion rate better but has just as many interceptions as he does touchdowns. Cant get in the endzone at times and capitalize.


106 comp 184 att
57.6% completion rate
1,359 Yds (Passing)
4 Int

Rushing: 10 for 81 yds (8.1Avg)

Analysis: Is a quick passer, throws seem sharper, can read defences better, scores more touchdowns in a game and has less interceptions overall. Doesnt run as much as Porter but his overall average per run is a a little better then Porters.

I think having them both play in a game at different times gives us an advantage over other teams. Both are able to win us games, both bring different things to our team, there styles are different and we know that if one quarterback is not working out at that given moment, the other can come in and play effectively.

I know that the Tiger Cats want Porter to be the future of this team and I think he can be. He has shown us what he can do. He is still learning. Kevin Glenn though gives us that experience that is needed at times when Porter is not doing so well.

I think we have a good thing going at 6-5 with these two. Lets not change that.


Another Porter vs Glenn thread?

Okay, I'll bite.

Porter had a lot of zip on his ball on Friday. He was also pretty good on his long passes. He had a couple overthrows, with 1 being picked off. He was hitting people quick and was going through his reads. We also had steady drives going. He still young and going through his ups and downs. After a bad 1st quarter he did what he needed to do. With the INTs, they haven't come at crucial times in the game. They have been where there is enough time to get the ball back. The one on Friday is a wash because we should have had a FG out of it, we block the punt and miss on the FG. We still set up Nick Setta.

The reason why we aren't putting up TDs is the play calling. Inside the 5 we don't have an identity. Last year it was Pavlovic. This year we try running Cobb and it's not working.

Glenn is a veteran who can read defenses and had a quick throw. He doesn't have the touch on the deep ball, he normally throws it short. The INTs have been at bad times. Against Edmonton, at the end of each half, where any points would have won us the game.

Another issue is catching the ball. Both guys have been victims of receivers not catching the ball.

The Cats had a spark with Porter on Friday and he moved the ball the entire game. MB named him the starter at the beginning of the season. He is starting right now. If he falters, we have Glenn.

Honestly, if Glenn was completely lights out, he would be starting. Unfortunately he hasn't taken the reigns and drove the cart.

Porter is out QB. We have to deal with this. He is a good QB and has a big upside. Give him this season to learn everything about the CFL and he will be a very good QB for the next 10 years.


2) Who did Marcel just stick with, even with the liquored witch behind the bench railing for Glenn after what, the first punt? I could hear her on TV!!

  1. Which CFL team uses its backup the most this year? So it's not either/or. Why are we having these threads even AFTER wins?
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I'm not criticizing the tone of this thread so far, it's just the wheel-spinning that is bred around here. LOL I also like the direction the team has adopted re developing Porter and I support the idea that a starting QB must not feel that he has to look over his shoulder after a mistake. Marcel gets that, I believe.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good analysis. I think that the offensive scheme is going to have to be ratcheted up in complexity over time because it's a very basic spread approach. The use of motion and formation does not consistently get the opposing defence on its heels. The improvement in our receiver corps depth can paper over some of those deficiencies somewhat, but for it to become consistently dangerous, it has to challenge the opponent.

Oski Wee Wee,


PROS- reads defences very well
-is aggressive on second and long, doesnt settle for the safe crap defences always will give you
-takes more chances deep which strectches out the defence
-has always been good at throwing covered receivers open

CONS- Can throw into heavy traffic at times
-lack of mobitity


PROS- Accurate, decent arm strength

-doesnt take enough chances down field
-hangs onto the ball too long
-needs to be more of a gun slinger and not worry so much about picks

Having said all this im fine with either one, but i just hope MArcel is going with who gives us the best chance to win now, im so tired of hearing about developing Porter. This isnt the effin preseason or nfl europe!

Glenn for me. Things like arm strength, mobility, etc. aside, Porter just seems to be too timid. Actually, he looks alot like the Argo's Pickett. Both need more of a gunslinger mentality but at the moment, neither seems to have what it takes to become 1st string QBs.

The Argos lost yesterday because of Pickett's performance. The Cats won inspite of Porter's performance.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think you go with Porter against Montreal. Playing a good second half and getting a win against the defending champs probably did alot for Quinton's confidence. Getting Rodriguez back will be huge and with Currie/McDaniel looking good, i think Porter will do fine.

Also, i feel like we can hold the als to under 20 points as long as we don't turn the ball over. While Glenn may give us a better chance to put up some points, he also tends to throw more interceptions than Quinton.