Porter and D.Mac deserve most of the credit

After watching the game again on TV it became quite clear that Porters’ quick release played a major factor in the success of yesterday’s game. I was counting steamboats and most passes were on their way after two steamboats. The offensive line played well, but Porter made them look good.
Porter was able to pick up his targets extremely quickly and deliver right on the money.
I believe this was the Danny Mac/ Quinton Porter show. Danny Mac probably had more influence in the outcome of this game than any of us will ever know.
Great game. Outstanding offensive game plan obviously influenced by the great Danny Mac. But Porter delivered it.

In interviews, Porter has been making the innocuous type of comments that someone in his circumstances is supposed to make. But when I hear to the way he carries himself in interviews, and put in it the context of a) some of the positive comments that have come from the Cat staff about his mental quickness and b) the poise he showed in bouncing back relatively unfazed after getting clobbered in BC, I'm left with the impression that he is one smart cookie. I get the impression that he's a guy who understands that the most likely path for him to succeed is to be adaptable and to absorb every bit of wisdom he can from his coaches and peers. My perception is that he is ambitious, but probably highly coachable. If he can keep his head screwed on straight, things should get very interesting. With a mentor like Danny Mac, he has the potential to become pretty scary.

When people talk about A.C.'s emergence in Montreal, they usually note the importance of the time he spent as an understudy to Tracy Ham (it didn't hurt having Mike Pringle to hand the ball to either).

I also think of Ham a bit when I hear some of the criticisms of Richie Williams as having a "run first" mentality. I think people said similar things about Ham during his early days in Edmonton. Ham seemed to turn out OK. :wink:

In the same vein, I really like that despite Porter's apparent capability as a pure passer, he still has the athletic ability to make plays with his feet. I was unsure of this, as I didn't share the enthusiasm of some folks after his first pre-season appearance against the Argos.

Having said all that, I'm not yet convinced that Printers should be thrown to the wolves. Part of me wonders how much injuries have affected his play (as with the Jason Maas story). Printers has indicated that in the past he had chronic infection issues with a pin in one of his toes, and he had the pin removed in the off-season. That, coupled with our protection issues and Printers' other injuries, could be having a big effect on his performance this year. Consider also the maturing process the receivers have had to go through. It's also worth mentioning over again the inconsistency of the O-line this year.

With some obvious competition to light a fire under his butt, I'd be interested to see how Printers would perform at camp next spring with an off-season to recuperate, train and re-watch some of his own game film from this year.

One thing that has stood out about Printers this year is it seems there have been many plays where he's hesitated about a half-second too long and missed windows of opportunity (that, plus his apparent tendency to skip a lot of balls off the turf in front of his receivers). I'd be interested to see if Printers can bring more to the table next spring. But I think if he's going to be the guy he has to win the job, and I'm glad that Obie has more or less said so himself.

One of the best posts ive ever read on this site.

Its possible to love the new guy and hope the assumed #1 finds his own form... it will make us a championship team, like Pierce and Jackson, these two can compliment each other well.

Well said...

Congrades hope to see danny mac and porter both in bigger roles here next year.

Do people really think there can be a co-number 1, or a back-up even making $450,000-$500,000/year?

Not in the CFL. Too much money.

That money will buy two stud starters needed elsewhere.
Back-up players in the CFL need to be nominally payed.

You don't have to like it, but thems the facts!

Maybe you can for awhile if your starter is making back up money... :wink: IMO the Cats need to be prepared to overspend, (screw the cap) to make sure budget concerns are not part of the equation until the team has proven it's turned the corner. The fans deserve as much.

Porter is a much more exciting QB than Casey ever has been since he got here....not counting the day he arrived. Porter reads and releases the ball quicker than Casey. Porter sees the opportunity to run quicker than Casey. Porter has a better and more accurate arm than Casey. Porter is more consistent than Casey. I could go on.
The jury is still out on Casey even after a year. Porter continues to impress. Marcel likes Porter. The paying fans (as an aside) love Porter.
Now....who should be getting the big bucks. Who has shown he should be our # 1? Who would YOU choose to be our QB of the future?
Thanks for the psychological lift when we needed it last year Casey.... but its been too expensive.

And...check out Obie's assessment of Porter in the Monday mailbag on the home page:

"Obie: First of all, he didn’t play bad against B.C. He didn’t have the support that he had in the other two games. He actually graded out in the B.C. game, interestingly enough, higher than any of our quarterbacks in any of the previous games. We have high hopes for Quinton Porter and he definitely is for real. He’s a good young player that has tremendous upside and I think he could have bright future with this football team."

Draw your own conclusions.

IMHO when i saw D mac at the B&G scrimmage, and then saw Porter (outperforming all three other qb,s) i Knew then Porter was perfectly suited for Dmacs Type of Offence!! If TiCats can get a draft pick for Printers, please draft a Canadian QB !!