Porter: 1000 yd rusher?

Yes, you read the title correctly :wink: ...According the the CFL website stats, QP is 7th in the league...in rushing! With 231 yds after 6 games, he's on pace for nearly 700 yds. You never know, a couple of bigger rushing games for Quinton and we may have two 1000 yd rushers...Cobb and Porter :lol: . It's funny because I think he is considered a pocket passer. He's not as elusive as a Damon Allen or Henry Burris but we know he can pick up yards on the ground. I'm interested to see what his rushing total will be.

I hope he doesn't rush for much more than 500 yards. He need to stop running and make a second or third read. Its nice to have a QB who can run but I want him to throw the ball.

So do I. I don't think he'll rush for 1000, nor do I care. I just thought it was interesting. He will rush for more than 500 though, he's half way there now. As long as it's working I don't care what he does. Allen had a couple 1000 yd rushing seasons and was still effective throwing the ball.

I think Quinton did better at staying in the pocket on Saturday but he ran when he had to. I will never complain about that. He recovered great on the high snap where the hand off got botched just before Cobb's first TD. He brought the ball down and took off, otherwise it would've been a huge loss. Good for him.

What I found interesting about QP rushing is the change in the TSN pannel. A few weeks ago they were knocking Porter as a young QB who is rushing a lot/too much. Before Saturday's game they were commenting on how well he rushes, I believe one even commented on how "He only runs when he knows he can get the first down."

You always know when Q rushes the opposition defense wants to put a lick on him and put him out of the game. I hope he limits his rushes and directs his team for gains. Hes probably the last guy we want hurt we don't want anything to interrupt his progress as a player. :thup:

Some of the best ALL time CFL QBs have ran the ball a lot.
Dunigan rushed for over 700 yards a couple of times and double digits in TDs twice
Tracy Ham rushed for 8000 yards in his career
Damon Allen 12,000 yards rushing
Burris is a runner
Flutie was a runner
If it is there take it, run-run-run.
He is averaging 7.2 yards an attempt. I will take it any time!

Except on second down and more than 7.2 yds to go. :slight_smile: