Portable televisions, at the stadium?

The Globe & Mail reports that the NFL has expanded a deal with Kangaroo Media which provides in-stadium television feeds to spectators with special hand-held television sets.


Interesting idea for a league with several games played at the same time. Given the CFL only fields one at a time, however, and replays are shown on a big screen scoreboard, would this idea float in Canada? I can't see it.

Aside -- sorry about the width of this post, but the link doesn't wrap. Can anyone tell me how to get around this issue for future posts?

I don't see it working here, I mean why watch the game you at on TV, as you stated the replays are played right there on the scoreboard

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Try going to the site http://www.tinyurl.com - it’s quite self-explanatory.

Thanks HTD and sigpig -- will use these suggestions in future.