I'm getting a tone of popups from these forums, on every new page.

Come on CFL, you're not that poor that you need to give us a popup on every page.

I have a pop up blocker at my home computer, but now using my sons computer what a &*%$#ing nuisance!


i have a po-up bolcker, but i turned it off for this site, i regret it

this is hella-lame... pop-ups are annoying and a big piss off... come on CFL... we see enough advertising everywhere we go... we don't need it from you too... i'm not interested in your sponser of the day and i'm sure well over half of the other people that enjoy this site probably aren't either... if you really must advertise on the msg board... then put a little advertisment on the side of the page rather than a pop-up with EVERY page we open up... or even just have the one pop-up for the main page of the msg. board.... but NOT EVERY SINGLE PAGE

o god this sucks, im not coming back til it's gone

I have a popup blocker too, but it's still annoying. Slows down pages, makes a noise when it blocks something and it shows a little thing at the top everytime to show me it blocked something.

I used to get the pop-up blocked tone untill I realised that under profile there is an option for "pop-up on private message". I change that to no and I no-longer habe and pop-ups.
Check out your options

Pop-ups seem to be gone.... :smiley: at least for the moment

I use Firefox and have no problem with pop-ups . It automatically blocks them .

I use the google tool bar that has a built in blocker works great
google toolbar is great as well