I have been US side at my alma matter for a couple weeks and about 40% of the time that i mention CFL or Saskatchewan people respond with something along the line of "roughriders".

I am amazed...have not been back here in a few years, and the increased knowledge of the game, team and province are amazing. I was impressed...thought i would pass it along.

I go to school in Minot, ND, and any time I tell people I'm from Saskatchewan the first thing they say is got Roughriders! I love that we are well known!!

That’s really neat, depop.

RR, do you think that it would have been different had Weston not been playing with us, or before he began playing with us?

I think having Dressler play for us is a big reason for the popularity! But I also think without him people would still know about Riders because when you go to the mall that is all you see is Sask people wearing Rider gear walking around.

That's true. There is no closer state than ND so they get to know the cross-border shopping crowd. It's like upstate New York. There is actually a bit of a debate in I think Burlington as to whether they should have a bylaw that requires French signage 'cause there's so many Québecers shopping there! Imagine that - an American city willingly burdening themselves with a Canadian problem!

I've posted in the past that ND or SD, would be good areas to look at if the CFL ever tries to expand state side. Same type (kinda) of people as you find in Sasky.

Having traveled to ND for a couple of decades, the Riders are way bigger after Dressler started to play. Roughride is correct that they knew who the RR were before Dressler.