Popularity of the CFL

Seems like the current success of the league is due to the fact that the focus is on the great game. There were a few years there where if it was not 1 team that was stuggling it was 2-3...

With Gades ownership looking stable the league looks really healthy everywhere.

I think another reason for the current success is the lack there of talk about NHL hockey.

We all know that hockey is #1 in Canada. Hell we have outdoor games which are televised and get HUGE assistance... Crazy EH? Same goes with the Jr game in hockey... Anyways without the NHL dominating the press and tv. The CFL is getting the much deserved attention it needs.

IT's also SUPER cool to be reading so many of the posts on this site that there are as many US and Eurpean fans. That awesome!! Obviously the Canadian game is on the uprise.

We'll soon have a team in the Maritimes in a market that will totally support it. And with time I'm sure we'll see a Quebec City team... That also will be amazing as the Laval University team has created many amazing Canadian players there... Can you imagine the rivalry b/w Montreal and Qc City... Wow,,, Just think back to the Habs and Nordiques rivalries...

Go Gades.... NorthSide... you suck!